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Multi Management & Future Solutionsservice of recommendation assures to deliver strategic outcomes in klse Stocks, comex & forex. Our recognition is an outcome of versatile array of services including genuine trading for Stocks,Commodity trading and forex through our exceptional expertise in technical research.

Our services imparts Bursa Malaysia trading signal with Buy and Sell trading strategies on Intraday and contra basis. Our klse stock trading signals will provide maximum profits with entry and exit levels along with the target price.

Our services assist traders and investors to grow their capital in Malaysia market because of following exclusive peculiarities :

  • We provide customized services as per trading needs of our clients..
  • We have a task force of adept technical research experts for most reliable Stock Trading picks/tips,        Commodity Tips and FOREX Signals.
  • We keep a close watch on KLSE Bursa Malaysia and use every single news or update to draw significant        clues.

Trading Signals

Multi Management & Future Solutions encompasses an incredibly large service area. To cover wide needs of our trading and investors, we have designed highly advantageous packages as listed below. Pick the one which suits you and start trading:

KLSE Bursa Malaysia Stocks :

In this service, we provide best equity advice for traders and investors to earn huge profits in Malaysian Market.

COMEX Signals :

Traders and investors looking for optimistic gains by trading in commodities like COMEX GOLD, SILVER, NYMEX CRUDE OIL, COPPER, BRENT CRUDE.

FOREX Signals :

Those who wish to tap the potential in FOREX Signals can opt for this service. This is a really diversified segment and we make it profitable through best currency combinations like (EUR-USD), (GBP-USD).


  • Specific number of calls every day during live market.
  • All Recommendations will be given with Targets and Stop Loss.
  • Follow Up of each call and their updates.
  • 10% – 15% returns on Monthly Basis.
  • 75% – 85% accuracy on Monthly Basis.
  • Customize Service according to your Capital/Investment.
  • Technical Reports on your email ID.
  • Complete Portfolio Management.
  • Assistance on your existing Stock holdings with expert advice and suggestion.
  • Monthly Review of Stock recommendations which has been provided to you.

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