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The stock investment pays you back with Dividend and investing in high dividend stock is the best way this year to generate huge profit in  KLSE market. The dividend is what an investor get as an income by the company he has invested in. The dividend-paying stocks bring the profit in your investment.

Some of the companies in Bursa Malaysia offer a high dividend with a dividend yield more than regular. Dividend yield between the range of 4-7% is considered as a  typical good deal on average.

MMF Solutions is providing you with the list of high dividend stock of Malaysia. All of them have a dividend yield of more than 4%. The data provided below as recorded on 21st February 2019.

Here we research the list of best dividend stock which might be fruitful to invest this year for Malaysian stock traders & investors, check out the list given below-

Top 5 High Dividend Stock Malaysia To Invest In 2019

1. AirAsia BHD

AirAsia Group Bhd is an investment holding company which operate in the airline industry. It is a low-cost airline especially focused in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Japan, and Thailand. On December 2018, U.S. fund Castlelake announced to buy planes from AirAsia in $800 million deal, which is good for the reputation of the company in the Bursa Malaysia market. 
The company is well known for its dividend payment. The next earnings date for the company is Feb 26, 2019. 
Following are the important fundamental data for the company, which a potential KLSE investor should know before investing in the stocks-
Market Capitalization (MYR)10.53B
Dividend Yield7.64%
The current share price of the stock is MYR 3.15 with 52-week price change MYR 3.12-3.15. The technical indicator and moving averages for the stock are signaling for strong buy. The consensus estimates for the target price is in upside with an average value of  MYR3.4.

2. Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd (ASTR)

Astro Malaysia Holding Bhd is an investment holding company. The company involved in television, radio service, film library, television content, magazine publication and many more in media publication.  It offers over 180 television channels through its direct-to-home satellite television, Internet Protocol television and over-the-top content platforms, of which around 70 are Astro-branded and over 50 are in high definition.
It is one of the reputed company listed in Bursa Malaysia. The next earning date of the stock is April 8th, 2019.
Following are the key fundamental data of Astro Malaysia-
Market Capitalization (MYR)8.66B
Dividend Yield6.93%
The current share price of the stock is at MYR 1.66 and the 52-week price range is MYR1.05-2.57. 
The consensus estimate for the price target for the 12-month is 1.83 i.e. +10.25% upside. All the technical indicator including MA and MACD are pointing toward strong buy of the stock.

3. Malakoff Corporation Bhd

Malakoff Bhd was established on 9th October 1975 as a plantation-based company. It got listed in Bursa Malaysia in 1976. It got unlisted from the Board of Bursa Securities (now known as Main Market of Bursa Securities) on 18 July 2007 after the acquisition from  Nucleus Avenue, which assumed the name of Malakoff Berhad and listed in Bursa Malaysia. 
Its area of work is the plants that run on oil, coal, and gas to provides with independent water and power producer (IWPP). The company owns a net capacity of around 690 MW. Its project is also located in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman, and Australia.
Here are the key fundamental data of Malakoff Corporation Bhd-
Market Capitalization (MYR)8.87B
Dividend Yield6.82%
The stock is trading at MYR 0.890 with 52-week high and low of MYR 0.745-1.04. The EPS and P/E of the stock are 0.05 and 18.08 respectively. 
The consensus estimate of the target price is MYR1.3 with outperformance view. The technical indicator and MA are towards strong buy of the stock.

4. Magnum Bhd

Magnum Berhad is the company under Magnum Berhad Group of Companies. The company established on 18th August 1975, got listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on January 1982. 
The company is basically a multi-purpose company with main focus on management services, investment holding, and computer software.

Following are the important financial data of the Magnum Bhd-

Market Capitalization (MYR)3.26B
Dividend Yield4.80%
The share price of the stock is MYR 2.30 with a 52-week price range of MYR 1.75-2.34. P/E value is at 38.1 which represents the good market sentiment of the stock among the Bursa Malaysia investors.
The technical indicators of the stocks are toward strong buy. The consensus target price estimate is MYR 2.150 considering it to outperform 

5. Capitaland Malaysia Mall Trust

CMMT or Capital and Mall Trust is one of the leading company listed Bursa Malaysia securities market. It was established with the portfolio for income-producing real estate for retail purpose in Malaysia. The important assets of the company are GURNEY PLAZA, SUNGEI WANG, DAMANSARA, and THE MINES. The portfolio has a total net lettable area of over 2.9 million square feet and is valued at approximately RM4.0 billion.
The next earning date of the CapitaLand Malaysia is April 16, 2019. 

Here are important fundamental data of CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust-

Market Capitalization (MYR)2.23B
Dividend Yield7.25%
The stock is trading at MYR 1.090 with the 52-week price change MYR 0.98-1.29. 12-month target price consensus estimate is MYR1.20 with an upside movement of +2.96%.

MMF Takeaways 

Being a potential KLSE investor it is your duty to do thorough research about the stock before investing in it. Dividend plays a very important role to achieve financial target and investment return. All the companies provided above are the potential performer in Bursa Malaysia and they are expected to perform better in 2019 as well. There are plenty of companies available in Bursa Malaysia which pays a high dividend, you just need an eye for it. Use the above information for research purpose and invest according to financial target and risk tolerance.
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