The stock investment pays you back with Dividend and investing in high dividend stock is the best way this year to generate huge profit in  KLSE market. The dividend is what an investor get as an income by the company he has invested in. The dividend-paying stocks bring the profit in your investment.

Various companies in Bursa Malaysia offer high Dividend per Share (DPS), i.e. the amount a firm pays out in dividends directly translates to income for the shareholder.

Dividend per share or DPS is the actual amount that a company has declared against its every single outstanding share. This amount includes both regular dividends and the special (or interim) dividends

The dividend per share is a ratio of total dividends to the total number of shares outstanding. DPS is a more reilable metric than dividend yield because DPS are cash payments and it is often said that cash is the king, on the other hand dividend yield can misguide due substantially fall in the market price of a stock cause dividend yield to artificially inflate. 

Multi Management Future Solutions Malaysia is providing you with the list of high dividend stock of Malaysia. 

All of them have high Dividend per Share. The list we are providing is the best research of our equity analyst team and it might be fruitful to invest this year for Malaysian stock traders & investors.

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Top 5 High Dividend Stock Malaysia To Invest In 2019

1. Nestle Malaysia BHD

Nestle Malaysia Berhad is a Malaysia-based nutrition, health and wellness company. The Company is an investment holding company. The Company’s segments include Food and beverages, and Others, which include Nutrition and Nestle Professional.
Its subsidiaries include Nestle Manufacturing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., which is engaged in the manufacturing, Nestle Products Sdn. Bhd., which is engaged in marketing and sales and Nestle Asean (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., which is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of chocolate confectionery products.

Key Fundamental Data of Nestle Malaysia BHD

Market Capitalization (MYR)34.706 B
Revenue5.519 B
Earning Per Share (EPS)2.82
Dividend (cent)280
Dividend Yield2.0%
The current share price of the stock is MYR 148.3 with 52-week price change MYR 142.8-150.6. The technical indicator and moving averages for the stock are signaling for strong buy. 

2. Dutch Lady Milk Industries BHD

Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad is a Malaysia-based dairy company. The Company operates through manufacturing and distributing a range of dairy products segment. It offers specialized powders for infant and growing up children, liquid milk in different packaging formats and yoghurts. 
The Company markets its products under various brand names, such as Dutch Lady, Dutch Baby, Frisolac, Friso and Dutch Lady Purefarm. It is one of the reputed companies listed in Bursa Malaysia.

Key Fundamental Data of Dutch Lady Milk Industries BHD

Market Capitalization (MYR)4.102 B
Revenue1.049 B
Earning Per Share (EPS)2.09
Dividend (cent)100
Dividend Yield1.56%
The current share price of the stock is at MYR 64.1 and the 52-week price range is MYR 58.90 – 67.33. All the technical indicator including MA and MACD are pointing toward strong buy of the stock.

3. Heineken Malaysia BHD

Heineken Malaysia Berhad, formerly Guinness Anchor Berhad, is a Malaysia-based company, which is engaged in malt liquor brewing, including production, packaging, marketing and distribution of its products. 
The Company also produces the non-alcoholic Malta. The Company’s brand portfolio includes the Strongbow, Paulaner, Kirin Ichiban, Smirnoff Ice, Affligem, Kilkenny, Tiger, Guinness, Heineken, Anchor, Anglia and Malta.

Key Fundamental Data of Heineken Malaysia BHD

Market Capitalization (MYR)6.87 B
Earning Per Share (EPS)0.95
Dividend (cent)94.0
Dividend Yield4.13%
The stock is trading at MYR 22.82 with 52-week high and low of MYR 17.10 – 25.42. The P/E of the stock is 23.97.

4. Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia BHD

Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad is engaged in the production of beer, stout, cider, shandy and non-alcoholic beverages. The Company’s segments include Malaysia, Singapore and Others.
Its Malaysia and Singapore segment includes manufacturing, marketing and distribution of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by entities in the respective countries.
The Company’s brands include Carlsberg, Kronenbourg 1664, Somersby Ciders, Asahi Super Dry, Royal Stout, SKOL, Jolly Shandy, Nutrimalt, Connor’s Stout Porter and Corona Extra.

Key Fundamental Data of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia BHD

Market Capitalization (MYR) 7.29 B
Revenue 1.98 B
Earning Per Share (EPS) 0.93 
ROI 92.89%
Dividend (cent) 90.70
Dividend Yield 3.2%
The share price of the stock is MYR 24.0 with a 52-week price range of MYR 17.5 – 27.27. P/E value is at 25.67 which represent the good market sentiment of the stock among the Bursa Malaysia investors.

5. Petronas Gas BHD

Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB) is a Malaysia-based gas infrastructure and utilities company. The Company and its subsidiaries’ major business activities are categorized into four segments: Gas Processing, Gas Transportation, Utilities and Regasification. 
Its Gas Processing activities include the processing of natural gas from gas fields offshore the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia into sales gas and other by-products, such as ethane, propane and butane.

Key Fundamental Data of Petronas Gas BHD

Market Capitalization (MYR)31.54 B
Revenue5.94 B
Earning Per Share (EPS) 0.93
Dividend (cent)72.0
Dividend Yield4.52%
The stock is trading at MYR 15.98 with the 52-week price change MYR 15.76 – 20.00. P/E value is at 17.11 which represent the good market sentiment of the stock among the Bursa Malaysia investors.

MMF Takeaways 

Being a potential KLSE investor it is your duty to do thorough research about the stock before investing in it. Dividend plays a very important role to achieve financial target and investment return. All the companies provided above are the potential performer in Bursa Malaysia and they are expected to perform better in 2019 as well. 
There are plenty of companies available in Bursa Malaysia which pays a high dividend, you just need an eye for it. Use the above information for research purpose and invest according to financial target and risk tolerance.
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