Prediction for crude oil in 2017 by commodity advisor

The Malaysia’s oil industry, which started out over a century ago, has flourished through the years to emerge as among the region’s most dynamic owners of oil & gas reserves, and a few of the world’s biggest producers of liquefied natural gasoline (LNG). Here we as a commodity advisor have come up with some predictions for crude oil prices in this year in Malaysia.

Commodity advisor’s prediction for crude oil:

Our analysts foresee a confined lowering bias for oil and gas shares, whose stock prices have seen a sturdy rally recently following the upward push in crude oil rates.

The deal to cut crude oil production by way of OPEC and Non-OPEC individuals boosted market sentiment with the easing of worries over the supply glut within the oil commodity market. Here are some estimation made by commodity advisor:

1.Oil price review:

Déjà vu 2016, Brent crude oil rates in 2016 had been unstable, buying and selling among the low of USD27.88pb in January to a high of USD55pb in December.

Shifting forward, we are expecting rates to remain volatile, averaging better at approximately USD50pb in 2017. No matter accords were reached to limit the supply of crude oil from OPEC member international locations, the real manufacturing cut stays to be seen – both Iran and Iraq were producing at record excessive at over 90% of their production ability. Similarly, the recently agreed manufacturing ceiling is handiest throughout six months and no company figures have been set, so commodity signals could be beneficial for trading crude oil and knowing exact price.

In 2017 however, the outlook remains rosier as CAPEX is anticipated to select up pace by means of a humble +2.8%. Locally, CAPEX from PETRONAS had been waning, just like trend. In 2016, PETRONAS’ CAPEX is expected to be at about RM45-50b, an extensive decline as compared with that of 2015 and 2014 at RM64.7b and RM71b respectively. In FY17, CAPEX via PETRONAS is expected to hover at tiers seen in 2016 as the majority of CAPEX could be dedicated towards speed in Pengerang, Johor. It’s better to opt commodity trading recommendations for getting proper information.

2. Target niche service providers:

All isn’t doom and gloom inside the oil and gas region as there are still opportunities exist, especially for asset mild and niche service providers or commodity advisors. We are bullish on such groups – Deleum Berhad and gasoline Malaysia Berhad. If you want to trade then it’s better to use commodity tips for knowing the best time and price.

3. Oil industry still offers attractive trading opportunities:

In line with the volatile moves inside the worldwide crude oil market, we are bad on asset-heavy groups with heavy reliance on upstream exploration and production motions but we remain highly qualitative with downstream related agencies. However, we advise investors to select stocks inside area of interest segments of the oil value chain with the use of crude oil trading signals.

How crude oil prices are affecting stock market? 

In starting of 2017, Brent crude has gained 0.37% or 21cents to US $57.10 a barrel.  Malaysia’s Petroleum National Bhd, a state-owned major oil industry has made a spontaneous adjustment to the production of its crude oil by up to 20,000 barrel per day.

Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Bhd (MHB) noticed the biggest rally among oil and gas shares rising 12.6% accompanied via Dayang organisation Holdings Bhd 11.2%, Petra strength Bhd 9.7%, Sapura Kencana Petroleum Bhd 8% and Alam Maritime sources Bhd 7.5%

Recovery in Crude oil will be advantageous for pure play exploration and manufacturing organizations consisting of Hibiscus Petroleum Bhd and integrated groups with oil production profile like SKPetro. But before investing in crude oil for better earnings it’s very important to prepare a crude oil trading strategy.

Bottom line:

In this, commodity advisors prediction of crude oil price there is various terms to be kept in mind and should have knowledge about for better results. This prediction by our analysts is based on deep studies and it could be beneficial for traders to earn more money this year.

Global crude oil prices are expected – crude oil trading

KUALA LUMPUR: Speaking to columnists at a preparation on OCBC Bank’s 2017 Economic Outlook, Wiranto said unrefined petroleum costs had captured its free-fall, and was presently moving towards continuous rebalancing taking after the generation cuts by oil majors. (crude oil trading)

Other ware costs were additionally anticipated that would move higher pair with the oil value recuperation, he said.(crude oil trading)

Unrefined petroleum on the worldwide benchmark Brent was cited at around US$55.80 per barrel, up around 0.2%, yesterday evening.

Before the assention by Opec and non-Opec to cut creation at end-November 2016, oil costs had been drifting at under US$50 per barrel.

As per Wiranto, the bounce back in unrefined petroleum costs was required to bolster the ringgit’s esteem, which he said was right now underestimated on the long haul genuine viable conversion scale premise.

“Since oil value droop of earlier years was one component influencing the ringgit’s swapping scale, it is consistent to anticipate that a similar example will hang on the other side now that oil cost is recouping,” he said.

Wiranto said Malaysia’s financial basics ought to bolster the reinforcing of the ringgit, in spite of the fact that market opinion could bring about changes of the estimation of the cash in the short to medium term.

“On a very basic level, the ringgit ought to be a ton more grounded than where it is presently,” Wiranto stated, including that the strength of the yuan would offer support to local monetary standards, including ringgit.

Wiranto said he would expect provincial national banks, including Bank Negara, to concentrate on modifying their remote trade (forex) hold cradle to counter market and money volatilities.

“Toward the day’s end, forex stores are shots to be utilized amid extreme circumstances, and so as to guarantee that you have a decent position in an unstable market, you would need to have however many projectiles as could be allowed,” he clarified.

As far as arrangement activity, Wiranto said he didn’t anticipate that Bank Negara will cut loan fees this year.

“Bank Negara is probably going to keep up the overnight approach rate unaltered at 3% this year as it has taken a more positive tone as far as the nation’s development and expansion standpoint for 2017… in the event that development is farly vigorous, why squander a shot,” he said.(crude oil trading)

OCBC Bank had anticipated Malaysia’s financial development to stay stable at 4.2% this year, bolstered by fare recuperation and vigorous residential utilization.

Wiranto said the nation’s fare development would likely bounce back to around 3% to 3% in 2017, contrasted and the assessed 0.5% in 2016, by virtue of higher ware costs and a get in electrical and electronic (E&E) deals.(crude oil trading)

Oil prices edged up on Friday – Commodity trading tips

Oil costs edged up on Friday on news that U.S. President Donald Trump could be ready to force new endorses on various Iranian substances, terminating geopolitical strains between the two countries. (Commodity trading tips)

Reuters revealed that the U.S. organization is set up to take off new measures against more than two dozen Iranian targets taking after Tehran’s ballistic rocket test, as per sources, yet the bundle was planned in a way that would not damage the 2015 Iran atomic arrangement.

Brent rough fates had risen 28 pennies (Commodity trading tips)

or 0.5 percent, to $56.84 a barrel by 0123 GMT (08:23 p.m. ET), in the wake of settling down 24 pennies at $56.56 in the past session.

Front month U.S. rough fates, otherwise called West Texas Intermediate, climbed 29 pennies, or 0.5 percent, to $53.83 a barrel, in the wake of completion Tuesday down 34 pennies. For the week, the agreement is fulfilled somewhat more than 1 percent.

Oil costs have balanced out around 15 percent over the level before a few makers concurred in December to control generation, National Australia Bank said in a note on Friday.

“The upward weight on oil costs has been halfway balanced by rising U.S. generation since October a year ago, which is relied upon to proceed for whatever remains of 2017,” the bank said.

“We now anticipate that oil costs will normal around the mid to high $50s in Q1 and Q2, before achieving the low $60s by end-2017 and balancing out at around those levels in 2018.”

Worldwide oil yield was cut by 1.4 million barrels for each day (bpd) a month ago, Russian vitality serve Alexander Novak stated, as a major aspect of the arrangement a year ago amongst OPEC and different makers drove by Russia.

Novak said Russian organizations may cut oil generation speedier than had been at first concurred with OPEC and included that he anticipated that the market would rebalance by the center of this current year.


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Commodities had a resurgence in 2016 – Gold Signals

Products had a resurgence in 2016, with the main yearly progress since 2010. The additions will proceed with this year for huge numbers of the business sectors, at any rate that is the thing that speculative stock investments are flagging.(Gold Signals)

Cash directors helped their consolidated net-long position

or wagers on costs picks up, crosswise over 18 products by 9.7% in December, government information appear.

A year prior, the assets were net-short, or betting on decays.

Financial specialists a week ago added to bullish positions in cotton, steers, unrefined petroleum and soybean dinner.

However aren’t idealistic for corn, cocoa and wheat.

Following five straight years of misfortunes,

crude materials bounced back as supply overabundances retreated for metals and vitality.

There’s a developing tune of voices that says the rally isn’t over.

Citigroup Inc, the bank that was on the ball in 2012 when investigators pronounced the end of the

when investigators pronounced the end of the super cycle of rising interest and valuenow predicts that most products will perform unequivocally in 2017 as worldwide monetary development grabs.

Now predicts that most products will perform unequivocally in 2017 as worldwide monetary development grabs, now

now predicts that most products will perform unequivocally in 2017 as worldwide monetary development grabs.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc in November prescribed an overweight position for the benefit class without precedent for over four years.

Wares have turned into “an exceptionally appealing resource class,” said Quincy Krosby, a market strategist at Prudential Financial Inc, which administers about US$1.3 trillion.

“You started to see jolt spending in China, alongside fiscal approach intended to support request and development. Furthermore, you started to see

Furthermore, you started to see pickup in financial movement in the US, proposing that ware costs would base and picking up.”

The net-long position crosswise over 18 US-exchanged products contracted 3.9% to 1.08 million prospects and choices in the week to Dec. 27, as per US Commodity Futures Trading Commission figures distributed three days after the fact.

A year prior, assets were net-short 21,081 contracts.

The Bloomberg Commodity Index, which tracks returns for 22 parts, climbed 11% in 2016, entering a buyer advertise in June.

Zinc was the year’s best entertainer, surging 60% in the midst of supply deficiencies and mine reductions.

On the flip side of the range, wheat had the greatest misfortunes prodded by rising worldwide stockpiles.

On the flip side of the range, wheat had the greatest misfortunes prodded by rising worldwide stockpiles.

Mechanical metals made an astonish bounce in the last quarter of 2016, with copper posting a pick up of 13 % – the greatest such progress since 2010.

The additions were moved by a drop in London Metal Exchange-checked inventories and hypothesis that President-elect Donald Trump’s promises on framework building will expand request.

Cash administrators have dramatically multiplied their copper net-bullish position since early November.

While Trump’s triumph supported copper, it’s had the inverse impact for valuable metals.

Gold topped a 13% decrease in the final quarter as the end of a warmed American decision cycle offered path to some political strength and as US values mobilized to records.

Reserves have been dumping gold possessions since mid-November, and a week ago cut their net-long position by 23% to 41,247 contracts.

Bullion still had its best yearly pick up since 2011.

As examiners eye an indeterminate standpoint for the Trump organization, they’re expecting gold will lift go down and conjecture that costs will rally around 13% in 2017, as per a Bloomberg overview.

they’re expecting gold will lift go down and conjecture that costs will rally around 13% in 2017, as per a Bloomberg overview.

In farming, financial specialists are situating for blended returns.

The assets raised their steers net-long position by 6.1% to 92,516 contracts, the most noteworthy since June 2015. They additionally got more bullish on pigs.

In spite of touching multi-year lows in 2016, the wares organized a solid final quarter rally on hearty request.

Costs for both, as measured by the Bloomberg Livestock Subindex of prospects, hopped 21% in the three months through December.

Then again, stores expect wheat will continue falling.

The financial specialists have held a net-short position for just about 17 months. That is the longest extend in the administration information that experiences 2006. Benchmark

That is the longest extend in the administration information that experiences 2006. Benchmark

Benchmark fates posted a fourth straight yearly misfortune in 2016, the longest streak since 1999.

A long time of guard yields have overflowed grain containers, and worldwide inventories that are as of now at an unequaled high are conjecture by the US government to continue climbing.

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How to get maximum returns by trading in commodity trading malaysia market?

Commodity trading is one of the best foundations of the worldwide trading system. For the extreme trader, an expertise in how to make maximum profit by trading in commodity trading malaysia market: remarkable income may be made if a trader has an in depth knowledge of the troubles surrounding globally traded commodities, and is aware of the mechanics of how to exchange them.

Commodity trading has been traditionally accomplished with the aid of both floor traders that trade on their personal behalf at the trading floor of commodity exchanges, or through the help commodity service providers for gaining profit. In this blog we have given some commodity recommendation to help traders in making money.

Be Patient:

Be patient when your trading positions are going within the proper direction to extract higher gains and ensure the gains by the way of improvising the stop-loss & time. Do not be pessimistic here as this will result in retaining on re-coming into the same trade at further states & again and again exit at small reversals in panic, which in flip could erode in advance small gains & also construct losses. Difference between the winners & losers is only that winners gain profit when they make right decision and loss when they make wrong. That’s the reason most of the traders use commodity signals to make right decision of trading.

Exit & Entry Time:

Recognize that you are in a bad situation and exit fast when you need relief at every price rise or fall in a trade which will lead you further towards heavier losses. Similarly recognize the good situation and enter fast to gain profit. For example, suppose you are trading gold in commodity trading malaysia market and the price of gold is falling then exit & when price rises enter position. For gold market analysis you can use gold trading signals.

Follow Only One Advisor at a Time:

Follow handiest one Analyst´s or advisor’s gold signals at a time if you are trading in gold, as more signals will make you confused. You could opt for or look out for another steering when the sooner tips will proves to be much less productive or loss making, however now not simultaneously. So in order to avoid losses just stick to the single advisor at a time. Use gold picks from the advisors you believe the most.

Don’t Avoid Stop Loss:

The stop-loss practice is for your own gain as this provision has very importance. If the trades turn & move in the opposite direction of the entry level, they could similarly move very rapid in a volatile way & the losses amassed, inside the absence of a stop-loss, may be un-imaginable. So avoiding stop loss while trading can have bad impact on your trading & could suffer to large losses. It’s better to use crude oil trading signals if you are trading crude oil so that you can get all information about executing trade including stop loss.

Bottom Line:

Don’t bias to a specific commodity. Look at all commodities as a profit generating opportunity. Always be ready to accept the change in the market & enter & exit the trade carefully in commodity trading Malaysia market.  The market is volatile & with right approach you can gain profit from it.

Oil slumped by roughly 4 percent on Tuesday

Oil dropped by around 4 percent on Tuesday as OPEC’s driving oil exporters attempted to concur on an arrangement to slice creation to diminish worldwide oversupply and help costs, with Iran and Iraq at loggerheads with Saudi Arabia a day in front of the meeting.Brent prospects fell $1.86, or 3.9 percent, to settle at $46.38 a barrel, while U.S. unrefined lost $1.85, or 3.9 percent, to $45.23. That was the greatest day by day rate decay for Brent since September.

Those decreases put both worldwide benchmarks on track to fall for a moment month in succession, with U.S. rough down around 3 percent and Brent down very nearly 4 percent.Most experts trust the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will cobble together an arrangement to cut some creation at its meeting on Wednesday in Vienna, which begins at 1000 GMT (5 a.m. ET).

Yet, Iran and Iraq, OPEC’s second-and third-biggest makers, have opposed weight from the gathering’s accepted pioneer Saudi Arabia to diminish their oil yield, making an assention troublesome. particular Saudi Arabia, which might be troublesome politically,” Morgan Stanley investigators said in a report, noticing the bank was still one-sided towards OPEC achieving an arrangement.

Archives arranged for the meeting proposed OPEC cut generation by 1.2 million barrels for each day from October levels, a source acquainted with the discussions said, somewhat more than the 1 million bpd the gathering talked about at a meeting in September. OPEC delivered around 33.82 million bpd in October.

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Trading ideas for Malaysian investor

KUALA LUMPUR: AmFIRST Real Estate Investment Trust (AmFirst REIT), Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) and Raya International are among the stocks which could see exchanging enthusiasm on Tuesday, as indicated by JF Apex Research.JF Apex likewise expects Southern Steel, Hup Seng and Samchem Holdings to see exchanging enthusiasm after their corporate news and budgetary results.

AmFIRST REIT saw its net property pay in second quarter FY17 rose 23.6% year-on-year primarily determined by extra income from the recently gained Mydin Hyper Mall in Penang and in addition higher inhabitance and rental inversion in Menara AmBank. TM has marked a 15-year contract worth RM916.1mil to give computerized earthbound TV broadcasting foundation, organize offices and related administrations to MYTV Broadcasting Sdn Bhd.

Raya International arrangements to get two oil tankers for RM6mil to bolster its bunkering administration business by means of the issuance of shares, and money raised through continues from a proposed right issues with warrants. In the interim, Southern Steel came back to the dark in its 1QFY17 with a net benefit of RM19.3mil against a net loss of RM51.91mil a year prior, because of higher offering cost and lower cost Hup Seng, the gathering’s 3QFY16 net benefit slid 14% year-on-year, for the most part because of higher information costs, and quickening working costs. Samchem’s 3QFY16 net benefit grew 2.7 times to RM3.2mil because of higher deals and overall revenue.

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KLCI skids early Monday

KUALA LUMPUR : Blue chips fell early Monday, broadening their decay from a week ago post-retail marketplaces responded forcefully on stresses over Donald Trump’s arrangements after the Republican hopeful secured the US presidential post.At 9.41am, the FBM KLCI was down 12.85 focuses or 0.79% to1,621.34. Turnover was 240.90 million shares esteemed at RM156.25mil. There were 114 gainers, 329 washouts and 201 counters unaltered.

Bloomberg reported the US dollar reinforced versus most companions, US value list prospects picked up and a selloff in sovereign bonds developed as financial specialists kept on surveying the ramifications of Donald Trump’s decision to the American administration. Japanese shares revived after financial information.

The ringgit was at 4.3315 against the US dollar, up 0.24% from last Friday’s nearby at 4.3418 as Bank Negara Malaysia said it would control theoretical movement in the seaward market which has driven the cash distant from its essentials.On the standpoint for the market, JF Apex Research said: “Taking after the bearish force started by Donald Trump’s triumph in the US decision, the KLCI is relied upon to stay unstable and indeterminate with a negative predisposition with prompt support at 1610.”

BAT fell the most, down 76 sen to RM44.30 while Henieken lost 10 sen to RM16.66.Petronas Dagangan fell 24 sen to RM23.26 and Petronas Gas 14 sen bring down at RM21.56.PPB Group lost 14 sen to RM15.86, HLFG 12 sen to RM14.92, Hap Seng 10 sen to RM7.70 and LPI was down 10 sen likewise to RM16.50.Hong Leong Industries added 11 sen to RM9.90, N2N six sen to 80 sen and Sime Darby five sen higher at RM8.04.

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KLCI tracks key markets

Malaysia’s securities exchange climbed early Tuesday, riding on the coat tails of the riding on the coat tails of the firmer key Asian markets and the overnight bounce back on Wall Street as financial specialists were sure about Democrat Hillary Clinton winning the US presidential race.

At 9.25am, the KLCI was up 4.44 focuses or 0.27% to 1,655.03. Turnover was 152.17 million shares esteemed at RM86.45mil. There were 231 gainers, 87 failures and 209 counters unaltered.

Reuters reported Asian shares ascended in early Asian exchange on Tuesday in front of the US presidential decision with speculator opinion floated by enhancing prospects for Democrat Hillary Clinton to win.

MSCI’s broadest file of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was up 0.2%. Japan’s Nikkei rose 0.3%, helped both by the positive conclusion and a weaker yen.

The MSCI World list included 0.1%, expanding on Monday’s 1.6% surge, its greatest single-day bounce in right around 19 weeks, the wire report said.

US unrefined was level at $44.87 a barrel, in the wake of progressing 1.9% on Monday, yet worries about the more grounded dollar and questions over OPEC’s arranged generation cuts still weighed on feeling.

At Bursa, BAT rose 64 sen to RM47.60 while Hartalega added 12 sen to RM4.82 and HL Industries nine sen higher at RM9.83.

Among the estates, KL Kepong and PPB Group rose 14 sen each to RM24 and RM16.14 while Genting Plantations added 10 sen to RM10.70.

PIE Industrials fell 10 sen to RM1.78 after its 3QFY16 net benefit fell 67.1% on-year to RM4.6mil because of lower income and lower edges of its items.

Gadang lost five sen to RM2.57, Tasek and Texchem four sen lower to RM13.90 and RM1.57.


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The FBM KLCI immovably higher early Tuesday.

KUALA LUMPUR : Positive news spill out of Sime Darby and picks up in raw petroleum costs supported Petronas connected stocks pushed the FBM KLCI immovably higher early Tuesday.

At 9.38am, the KLCI was up 5.83 focuses or 0.35% to 1,671.15. Turnover was 215.26 million shares esteemed at RM145.81mil. There were 247 gainers, 130 failures and 243 counters unaltered.

Asian shares were blended in early Asian exchanging on Tuesday after oil costs surged to a one-year high, Reuters reported.

Brent rough rose to as high as US$53.73 on Monday, the most abnormal amount since Oct 9, 2015. It shut everything down at $53.14. US unrefined prospects hopped 3.1% to US$51.26 on Monday, a four-month high. They were exchanging 0.1% lower at US$51.28 at 0022 GMT.

Kenanga Investment Bank Research brought up the ringgit is debilitating further, to 4.15 levels against the greenback, which does not contend well for the market notion.

“On the flipside, raw petroleum costs are inclining upward to over the US$50 a barrel levels which is conveying cheers to some oil and gas stocks.

“As we anticipate that the market will remain run exchanging, we hold fast to our exchanging methodology of Buy on Weakness zone of underneath 1,625 and Sell on Strength level above 1,715 which is our end-2016 record target,” said the exploration house.

Sime Darby rose nine sen to RM7.86 after the combination consented to a usage arrangement with Japan Residential Asset Manager Ltd (JRAM), the director of Saizen REIT for the turn around takeover of Saizen REIT.

Petronas Dagangan added 20 sen to RM23.70 and Bumi Armada increased one sen to 70.5 sen.

Among alternate gainers, KLCC and Superlon added nine sen to RM7.84 and RM2.41. CCK bounced 7.5 sen to 67.5 sen.

BAT was the top gainer, up 70 sen to RM49.50 yet F&N fell 28 sen to RM23.90 with 500 shares done.

Bina Puri rose 3.5 sen to 45 sen. Bina Puri will collaborate with CCCC Dredging (Group) Co Ltd to manufacture the Kuantan Waterfront Resort City with a gross advancement estimation of RM15bil throughout the following 10 years.

Perisai was level at 7.5 sen with 29.9 million shares done. Perisai offers have sunk to an unequaled low.

For the monetary year finished Dec 31, 2015, the organization posted a misfortune before assessment of RM688.15mil contrasted and a pre-impose benefit of RM27.87mil in the previous year. The misfortune inferable from shareholders was RM706.32mil.

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