Top 5 High Dividend Yield Stock Malaysia To Invest in September

High Dividend Stocks Malaysia For Investment

Dividend-paying stocks represent companies that are considered financially stable and mature, the stock prices of these companies may steadily increase over time while shareholders enjoy periodic dividend payments a winning growth for investors. A stock dividend is directly proportional to the profit earned by the company.

The FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLSE incorporate the largest 30 companies listed on the Malaysian Main Market. Investors should eyed to high dividend yielding counters with strong earnings growth expect to ride out the current volatility in the stock market.

Multi Management Future Solutions has formulate the list of Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) stocks which is expected to generate the higher dividend yield with good capital gain in September 2018. The stock list has been analyzed by the Multi Management Future Solutions trade analyst team for the optimum interest of the investors who are looking for best return in 2018 by investing in the KLSE stocks.

Here is the list of Malaysia high dividend Stocks, which provide good dividend yield and gain.

1. ARREIT (Amanahraya Real Estate Investment Trust)

ARREIT is a real estate investment trust, which owns a diverse portfolio of real estate properties and real estate related assets, including education, office properties, hotels and factories. Its primary objective is to derive rental income. The company invests in retail, industrial, hotels, education and office sectors.

Market Capital 490.10 m
Trading Volume 15,600
Dividend (Amount) 0.0193
Opening price 0.0855
Current Price 0.0855
Announcement Date 30 Aug 2018
EX Date- 14-Sep 14 Sep 2018


2. JOHOTIN (Johore Tin Berhad)

Johore Tin Berhad (JTB) was incorporated in Malaysia on 22nd November 2000 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1965. Johore Tin Bhd is principally engaged in the business of investment holding and the provision of management services. JTB is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia with an issued and fully paid up capital of more than RM250 million.

JTB is principally an investment holding company, whose subsidiaries are primarily involved in the manufacturing of various tins, cans, other containers and printing of tin plates, as well as manufacturing and selling of milk and related dairy products. Currently, JTB Group comprises of five wholly-owned subsidiaries and one subsidiary with 96% owned shareholdings.

Market Capital 296.50m
Trading Volume 1,372,100
Dividend (Amount) RM 0.005
Opening price 0.95
Current Price 0.955
Announcement Date 30 Aug 2018
EX Date- 14-Sep 14 Sep 2018


3. HUPSENG (Hup Seng Industries Berhad)

Hup Seng Industries Bhd is a Malaysia -based investment holding company engaged in the business of manufacturing sells, distributes of  biscuits, confectioneries, and other foodstuffs through its different  subsidiaries.

It’s trading division segment markets and distributes biscuits, confectionery, and other foodstuffs. The company offers special cream crackers, cookies, peanut butter sandwich, cream sandwich biscuits, and many more.

Market Capital 848m
Trading Volume 641,300
Dividend (Amount) RM 0.02
Opening price 1.07
Current Price 1.06
Announcement Date 30 Aug 2018
EX Date- 14-Sep 18 Sep 2018


4. RHBBANK (RHB Bank Bhd)

RHB Bank Bhd is a finance service providing group in Malaysia. The group has five main subsidiaries: RHB Bank Berhad, RHB Investment Bank Berhad, RHB Islamic Bank Berhad, RHB Insurance Berhad, and RHB Asset Management Sdn Bhd.

The Company offers commercial and consumer banking, corporate and investment banking, and international banking services. RHB also provides savings accounts, foreign currency accounts, home and travel insurance, and investment planning. The company also provides non-banking products such as general insurance, unit trust management, asset management, and custodian services.

Market Capital 21,654m
Trading Volume 6,870,500
Dividend (Amount) RM 0.075
Opening price 5.3
Current Price 5.4
Announcement Date 30 Aug 2018
EX Date- 14-Sep 18 Sep 2018


5. SIMEPLT (Sime Darby Plantation Bhd)

Sime Darby Plantation Bhd. is an integrated plantation company operated from Malaysia and other neighbour segment. It engage in the development of entire span of palm oil value chain, from upstream to downstream activities, research and development, renewables and agribusiness. It also engages in rubber and sugar cane plantations as well as beef cattle industry.

The company operates through the following segments: Upstream Malaysia, Upstream Indonesia, Upstream Papua New Guinea, Upstream Liberia, Downstream and other operations.

Market Capital 36,453m
Trading Volume 6,618,200
Dividend (Amount) RM 0.03
Opening price 5.36
Current Price 5.36
Announcement Date 30 Aug 2018
EX Date- 14-Sep 18 Sep 2018

Source: i3investor


Malaysia Stocks News : Stocks Price Action and Technical Analysis

TA and FA for Malaysia Stocks

Malaysia Building Society:

Our Pivot point remains at 1.1.
Our inclination: the support wins as long as 1.1 is resistant.
Elective situation: over 1.1, search for 1.13 and 1.15.

Malaysia Building Society
The MACD is below its signal line and negative.
Short Term View
(Rise, Limited Rise, Consolidation, Limited Decline, Decline)
Change In Short Term View None
Medium Term View
(Bullish, Range, Bearish)
Change In Medium Term View None

Remark: the RSI is underneath 50. The MACD is beneath its flag line and negative. The design is negative. In addition, the stock is exchanging under the two it’s 20 and multi-day MA (individually at 1.09 and 1.12). Malaysia Building Society is as of now exchanging close to its multi-week low at 1.01 came to on 12/12/17.

Malaysia Building Society chart 27-08-2018


POS Malaysia

The MACD is beneath its flag line and positive.

POS Malaysia
Alternative scenario: the upside breakout of 4.14 would call for 4.3 and 4.4.
Short Term View
(Rise, Limited Rise, Consolidation, Limited Decline, Decline)
Change In Short Term View None
Medium Term View
(Bullish, Range, Bearish)
Change In Medium Term View None

0.85 is our Pivot point. Our inclination: target 0.56. Elective situation: over 0.85, search for 0.97 and 1.03.

Remark: the RSI is underneath 50. The MACD is underneath its flag line and positive. The MACD must enter its zero line to expect to assist drawback. Besides, the stock is exchanging under its multi-day MA (0.81) yet over its multi-day MA (0.72).

POS Malaysia chart 27-08-2018


The featured seven stocks with force at Bursa Malaysia’s evening market close today. Two stocks showed positive energy while five demonstrated negative force.

Stocks with positive force were:

Kobay Technology Bhd – up 10 sen at RM1.37

Majuperak Holdings Bhd – up 2.5 sen at 35.5 sen

Stocks with negative force were:

Asia Media Group Bhd – up 1 sen at 13 sen

Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd – up 2 sen at 79 sen

Inix Technologies Holdings Bhd – up 1 sen at 10 sen

Karyon Industries Bhd – up 1.5 sen at 22.5 sen

Pesona Metro Holdings Bhd – up 2 sen at 33 sen

The outline of stocks with force is produced utilizing a restrictive scientific calculation featuring stocks with a development in exchanging volume and cost. The calculation separates between stocks that display positive (+ve) energy and negative (- ve) force.

This outline isn’t a purchase or offer a proposal. It just reveals to you which stocks are seeing higher than typical volume and value developments.

Top 5 High Dividend Malaysian Stocks to Invest

Highest Dividend Paying Malaysia Stocks, To make your Investment Double

A stock dividend is a dividend payment made in the form of additional shares rather than a cash payout this type of dividend is a script dividend. Whereas Dividend-paying stocks are attractive because they allow the shareholder to profit directly when the company profit.
Many people invest in dividend-paying stocks to take advantage of steady payment and the opportunity to invest the dividends to purchase additional stock. Since many dividend-paying stocks represent companies that are considered financially stable and mature, the stock prices of these companies may steadily increase over time.
With dividend investing, the more often you receive and reinvest your dividend, the higher your eventual rate of return.
“A good company always takes care of shareholders and distribute its profit in terms of Dividends”
Here, a list of Malaysia high dividend Stocks, which provide good dividend yield and gain.

The company had a good record of announcing a higher dividend. Expected to provide higher Dividend with the good capital gain in its share investment as the company has good industrial records in terms of profit and company also listed in some other Asian indexes which are indicating its potential to give good gains to its share investors. It is an investment holding and managing company.
The Amount of Dividend RM0.05
Last price 1.40
Trading volume 1,028,000

AIRASIA also in the list of undervalued stocks because stocks have been corrected a lot after the last Quarter results announcement. It has greater chances to provide a higher dividend in the year 2017 and AIRASIA will take a rebound and will back to the actual level soon according to the Invest Tipster stock specific report issued to its clients.

AIRASIA stocks high dividend stocks
On amount date 22-March-2018 the amount is 1:1
The last price is 3.90
The trading volume is 8,826,100

The company had a cumulative profit of $64,143. In the month of February 2.57 Sens per unit, in the month of May 2.37 sens per unit. Invest Tipster research team has given the positive ratings to SUNREIT and it has a higher expectation to provide good Dividend yield in the Year 2017 with a good capital gain in its stock investment.

This chart updated on March 26, 2018
Where the dividend yield is 5.82 %
The last price is 1.580
The volume is 22,469

The company had the Total Cumulative profit of $11,094. It has announced the 3 times Dividend, A Special dividend of 4 sen per ordinary share of RM0.50. SUPERLN is looking good with all fundamental aspects and expected to give a good capital gain in the year 2017.

Over the past 2 years, the dividend amount was increases. The third year 2018 has a dividend amount of MYR 0.035.
The dividend yield of 2.61 % and the current price of 23 March 2018 is high to 1.4 points, the volume is 530,300.

The company has shown good income in its last quarter announcement its Cumulative profit was $27,174 thousand. The total distribution of Dividend was 5 sens on per ordinary share in the month of August’2016. The company has a great potential and expected to announce higher Dividend in the year 2017 with a good capital gain in its share investment. Dividend yield in 2018 is 1.92 % percent and the current amount is MYR 0.02. The last update on 23 March 2018 is high with 1.05 points and open with 1.05 points.
The volume is 27,000

For identifying a dividend stock, one must consider companies that pay a dividend to shareholders consistently and whose dividend yield is high. The dividend is a portion of net income that a company distributes among its shareholders.

Bursa Malaysia Stock Signals- KLCI stages mellow bounce back early Monday

KUALA LUMPUR: Blue chips arranged a mellow bounce back early Monday following seven days in length of misfortunes, supported by Petronas Gas and Bursa (Bursa Malaysia Stock Signals) while unrefined petroleum costs climbed.

At 9.41am (Fkli Tips),

the KLCI was up 2.82 focuses or 0.16% higher at 1,743.47. Turnover was 687.41 million offers esteemed at RM188.10mil. There were 266 gainers, 192 failures and 281 counters unaltered.

Kenanga Investment Bank Research said the nearby market has been influenced by the remote pitching to end at 1,740.65 last Friday (Malaysian Stock Signals).

“From graphing point of view, the record was exchanged the negative domain more often than not. Key pointers hint at no fleeting recuperation, as most are presently in the negative state.

“The general specialized picture disintegrated after it separated underneath the help level of 1,750, demonstrating the viewpoint beginning to get bearish.

“Encourage shortcoming, assuming any, bolster levels can be found at 1,729 (S1) and 1,713 (S2). On the other hand, the protection levels to pay special mind to now are 1,765 (R1) and 1,783 (R2),” said Kenanga Research.

Oil costs ascended on Monday over supply worries in the Middle East and as the US advertise hinted at additionally fixing (Bursa Malaysia Stock Trading Signals) while request in Asia continues rising, Reuters revealed.

Brent rough prospects, the universal benchmark at oil costs, were at US$57.90 at 0131 GMT, up 15 pennies, or 0.26%, from their last close. US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rough prospects were at US$52.13 per barrel, up 29 pennies, or 0.56%.

BAT and Petron Malaysia picked up 20 sen each to RM42.56 and RM11.44 while Petronas Gas added 18 sen to RM18.06.

Bursa Malaysia (Malaysian Trading Signals) picked up 16 sen to RM9.91, Time dotCom 15 sen to RM9 and Top Glove 14 sen to RM6.73.

KL Kepong fell the most, down 26 sen to RM24.20, Ajinomoto 16 sen to RM19.84, Eon Credit 10 sen to RM13 and JAKS eight sen to RM1.39 while Comintel Corp lost six sen to 85.5 sen.

Malaysia Share Market: KLCI edges higher at an opportune time Tuesday, oil costs plunge

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Share Market– Blue chips squeezed out little increases early Tuesday, with Petronas Dagangan and MISC among the gainers supporting the FBM KLCI’s progress, yet trailing behind the rally on the key Asian markets.

At 9.55am (Malaysia Share Market),

the KLCI was up 1.44 focuses or 0.08% to 1,784.18. Turnover was 657.32 million offers esteemed at RM316.42mil. There were 335 gainers, 213 failures and 306 counters unaltered.

Asian offers joined a worldwide values rally, hitting a 10-year top on Tuesday with financial specialists breathing a moan of alleviation as North Korean feelings of dread facilitated marginally and the most dire outcome imaginable from Hurricane Irma hoped to have been kept away from, Reuters announced.

MSCI’s broadest list of Asia-Pacific offers outside Japan increased 0.1% to its most abnormal amount since late 2007. Japan’s Nikkei rose 1%.

Hong Leong Investment Bank (HLIB) Research

said the exchanging tone on the nearby bourse would be genuinely comparable with the overnight execution on Wall Street and the KLCI could broaden its increases towards 1,790.

“Merchants may investigate wares related segments, for example, steel, oil and gas and estates for the present on the back of firmer fundamental product patterns,” it said.

In the mean time, oil costs edged down in early Asian exchanging, as merchants weighed up the hosing impact on request of Hurricane Irma versus refinery restarts following Hurricane Harvey that should prompt more raw petroleum handling, Reuters detailed.

Brent rough

was down eight pennies to US$53.76 per barrel and US West Texas Intermediate fell three pennies to US$48.04 a barrel.

Settle was the best gainer, up 60 sen to RM85.50 with 100 offers done however Dutch Lady fell 50 sen to RM58.80 with 700 offers, BAT lost 22 sen to RM43.56 with 1000 units exchanged and Ajinomoto was down eight sen to RM19.04.

Hengyuan rose 19 sen to RM8.40 and Petron 15 sen to RM9.98. Petronas Dagangan added 12 sen to RM24.32 and MISC nine sen to RM7.38.

Lafarge rose 15 sen to RM6.30 as investo4s looked past its baffling outcomes and trusted that the development occupations would give the impetus.

KESM added eight sen to RM14.82 yet MPI fell 10 sen to RM13.90. Willowglen was eight higher at RM1.40.

Genting Plantations fell 16 sen to RM10.50 while Takaful, HLFG and Pos lost six sen each to RM3.87, RM17 and RM5.54 individually.


The stocks which could see trading interest on Friday – Trading signals malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Ajiya, Destini, TH Heavy Engineering, MMC, UMW OG, UMW Holdings are among the stocks which could see exchanging enthusiasm on Friday after their corporate news, says JF Apex Research. (Trading signals malaysia)

It said Ajiya’s net benefit for the 4QFY16 rose 64% on-year to RM7.05mil because of higher working benefit.

With respect to Destini and TH Heavy Engineering, the JV stowed a RM738.9mil government contract to supply three seaward watch vessels for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). (Trading signals malaysia)

JF Apex Research said MMC is offering its unit, MMC Oil and Gas Engineering Sdn Bhd, for RM50mil to concentrate on its center organizations. MMC hopes to have a coincidental pick up on transfer of RM16.5mil.

UMW Oil and Gas arrangements to gain Icon Offshore and other O&G resource from Ekuinas.

UMW Holdings is leaving its oil and gas business with its demerger arrange with UMW Oil and Gas.

Overnight on Wall Street, US markets finished lower drove by property counters with the Dow on a five-day losing streak as financial specialists anticipate President-elect Donald Trump’s introduction.

European stocks likewise shut lower after the European Central Bank kept loan costs unaltered.

At Bursa, the FBM KLCI added 1.49 focuses to 1,666.51. Taking after the dreary execution in the US and Europe, the FBM KLCI could stay sideways beneath the resistance of 1,680, it said.

Updated Recommendations for KLSE Investors 2017

  1. ICON
  3. UMWOG


  2. MM2 ASIA


Bursa malaysia stock tips – Asian shares slipped on Thursday


Asian shares slipped on Thursday after Wall Street endured a mellow difficulty following quite a while of additions, while the dollar blurred against the yen in ordinary year-end benefit taking. Japan’s Nikkei lost 1 percent as the yen solidified, edging far from its late one-year beat. – Bursa malaysia stock tips

Australia’s fundamental

list facilitated 0.1 percent, having touched a 17-month top the earlier day. Moves were unobtrusive over the locale with MSCI’s broadest list of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan off only 0.05 percent.

The pullback on Wall Street came in the midst of light volumes and likely reflected alert about what the New Year may bring, given Wednesday was the principal session when exchanges really settle in January.

The Dow fell 0.56 percent,

while the S&P 500 lost 0.84 percent and the Nasdaq 0.89 percent. Boeing fell 0.9 percent after Delta Air Lines crossed out a US$4-billion request for 18 Dreamliner

while the S&P 500 lost 0.84 percent and the Nasdaq 0.89 percent. Boeing fell 0.9 percent after Delta Air Lines crossed out a US$4-billion request for 18 Dreamliner air ship.

Innovation was the biggest weight on major files, with Nvidia down 6.9 percent after short merchant Citron Research said the market was disregarding the headwinds for the stock – which had prior touched a record high.

Powerless home deals information were rebuked for a portion of the offering, however typically this arrangement scarcely gets a specify in business sectors.

Contracts to purchase beforehand claimed US homes fell in November to their most reduced level in almost a year, an insight of how rising home loan rates could weigh on the lodging market.

US bonds made an uncommon rally s the delicate report joined with shockingly solid interest for an offer of new five-year Treasury notes. Yields on 10-year paper tumbled to their most minimal levels in two weeks to around 2.497 percent.

However euro zone yields were additionally falling on worries about the quality of a safeguard get ready for Italian banks and typical year-end alert. Germany’s 10-year yields hit their least in seven weeks at 0.181 percent, while their rebate to Treasury yields came to the largest on record.

The steadily augmenting yield hole kept the euro retrained around $1.0435, subsequent to touching an eight-session trough of US$1.0372. Sterling was additionally delicate at US$1.2233 in the wake of hitting its most reduced in two months.

The dollar facilitated 0.5 percent on the yen to 116.75,

however was still up 12 percent in the course of recent months. In item advertises, oil fell off the bubble after information demonstrated an astonish work in US unrefined inventories. US unrefined fell 32 pennies to US$53.74 a barrel, while Brent was last cited down 19 pennies at US$56.03.

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