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Great investor Warren Buffett guides- Investors must take investing decision using heads and not guts!

After a turbulent 2018, almost all equity markets were in negative territory, Most of the peoples we surveyed lost their money in Investing in Malaysia Stock Exchange Market last year.

Kuala Lumpur Bursa stock market is a potential stock market where investors look for various stock trading tips which bridge up for profitable investment goal, but It will never be rewarding if you do not follow some basic investing rules. 

“Investors must purchase stocks as they are purchasing groceries and not like they are purchasing perfumes & stock recommendations providers help such investors in making right decisions!”

Bursa Malaysia is worth around RM5.3 billion in market capitalization and is among the largest bourses in Southeast Asia,choosing the right company and right stock is a task, which requires wise brains and some luck (as stock investors believe)!

Here in this article, we are presenting the 5 best stock trading tips for KLSE investment 

2019 which a wise investor must follow.


Stock Trading Tips For Bursa Malaysia investment 2019-


1. Invest in companies making consistent profits rather just blindly considering ticker symbols:

When any Malaysian company is into business and is making profits for the last 5 years, you can consider buying shares of that company rather investing in a company who is in business but making a loss!

Also, beware of the companies who have the sole objective of making money from IPO and run away after that (keeping all your hard-earned money stuck).

2. If you are KLSE stock market beginner, invest in companies which have a less volatile nature of business:

This decision will give you the confidence in investing as the risk of losing invested money will be less and you can learn slowly and steadily. Such companies will also be in the market for a long time and you will easily get the latest hot stocks information about such companies’ stocks. Thus, investment will become easy, productive and fruitful.

Another formula you can use:
Buy stocks that are low and people are least interested in buying such stocks, and hold them until they grow and everyone suddenly wants it!

However, you must keep in mind that, such companies should be in a profitable business and have the long-term objective of surviving in KLSE markets. It is advisable to take equity market tips from experts of Malaysian stock market before entering into such stock investment decision.

3. Make sure the company you are thinking to invest has PE<ROE:

When you have made a decision of creating your investment portfolio, just ensure of checking the PE ratio. Low PE ratio is considered good for investment. However, the call should not be closed just considering PE ratio; rather you must also check ROE of the company and ensure that PE ratio is less than ROE of the company.

4. Invest in big capital stocks or small capital owned by the big capital stocks:

According to the previous year (2018) records, most of the companies those have suffered huge loss are from small capital of main board, a second board, and Mesdaq. Thus, you should avoid these stocks. If you really want to invest in these stocks which may give you quick profit with up-down around 30%, then you should only consider the stocks those are owned by Good Big capital stock.

5. Do not invest in High Debt Stocks:

Check the balance sheet, investors should always be cautious of any off-balance debt statements. You must be careful and selective, the debt of the company should not be more than moderate for an unestablished business and especially for local companies. However,  exceptions are given to the established companies like BAT or Nestle, or foreign-owned company as their objectives of the high debt mainly improve the Return On Equity.

Its smartly said by KLSE investors that:
Buy stocks which makes you happy if you hold it even for 10 years and others jealous when you sell it in 11th year!!!!!

The last note for stock market investors:
Stock market trading is a thing of great happiness if your darts stick on the correct points in one go and it can be devastating if you shoot a wrong throw. So consider the stock recommendations shared by your stock mentor who knows your investment goals and investment appetite.

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