Top 5 Dividend Paying Stocks In December

Are you ready for some good investment tips in December for Bursa Malaysia Market?

Ahh…December month, last month for all of your hassling and grinding for stock prices, the last conclusion for your fight to make some money. Isn’t it?

Well, worry not, we are going to provide you with some good news. People who have invested in the following stocks, you will get some good news and people who did not invest, grab some knowledge to use it for next month or next year.

For December month, after a lot of research and mind-twisting, we analyzed the 5 dividend paying stocks only for you. Before jumping to news directly let us understand some basics of the dividend.

The dividend is paid by the company to its shareholders. Whatever profit the company earns during the year, it pays that profit to shareholders. But it is not necessary that the company will always pay when it gets the profit; if it suffers loss, it will pay using its reserve. The dividend is paid on per share basis. The dividend also expressed in percentage which is known as dividend yield. The dividend is calculated as


Suppose share price of company XYZ is RM 100, the Annual dividend is per share is RM 1.6 and the company paid a consistent quarterly dividend of RM 0.4 per share. Then the dividend yield will be;

I hope you get the gist of the dividend if you are getting the higher dividend that means the company you have invested is profiting and so are you. So, without further ado, let’s know about the stocks which are gonna make you happy in the coming month.


1. AMBANK Group (AMBANK (KLSE) (1015.MY)

AmBank Group is one of the leading financial institutes in Malaysia. The company has the expertise to support Malaysians in their economic development. It has nearly three million customers and more than 10,000 employees.
AmBank Group offers a wide range of both conventional and Islamic financial solutions and services, including retail banking, investment banking, including wholesale banking, underwriting of general insurance, life assurance and takaful, stock and shares broking, futures broking, investment advisory, and, real estate investment trust and unit trust management services in assets .

Here are the latest details of AMMB HOLDINGS BHD

S.N. Details Value
1 Market Capital(M) 12710.861
2 Dividend Yield(%) 3.547
3 Dividend(sen) 5
4 Ex-date 13 Dec 2018
5 Payable date 28 Dec 2018
6 PE Ratio 11.235

You can analyze yourself by looking at the historical graph of the dividend of AMBANK

Graph source malaysiastockbiz
Graph source malaysiastockbiz


2. Fima Corporation Berhad (FIMACOR)(3107.MY)

Fima Corporation Berhad (“FimaCorp”) is an investment holding company with subsidiaries mainly involved in

Production and trading and security of confidential documents. Its subsidiary provides One of the largest domestic printers in Malaysia which provide many services like travel document and other security documents.

Oil palm production and processing FIMA CORP is engaged in develop, cultivation and management of oilseed plant.

Property Management
Management of commercial properties The property management provides management, cleaning, electronic and mechanical Services to the complaint of various companies associated with Fima Corp.

Here are the details of the FIMACOR (FIMA CORPORATION BHD)

S.N. Details Value
1 Market Capital(M) 434.805
2 Dividend Yield(%) 6.927
3 Dividend(sen) 5
4 Ex-date 5 Dec 2018
5 Payable date 28 Dec 2018
6 PE Ratio 12.041

For further analysis, you can hover through the graph of dividend for the last few years,

Graph source malaysiastockbiz 2
Graph source malaysiastockbiz


3. JayCorp (JAYCORP BERHAD)(7152.MY)

Jaycorp Berhad is a Malaysia-based company involved in investment holding and provides management services. The Company functions basically in five business divisions: packaging, which is engaged in the conversion of corrugated boards into carton boxes; processing of rubberwood, which is engaged in pressure treatment and kiln-drying of rubberwood; rubberwood furniture, which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of rubberwood furniture;  general trading, which sells construction materials, and others, which is involved in the procurement of transportation services, property letting and printing.

Here are the analyzed details of the JAYCORP BERHAD

S.N. Details Value
1 Market Capital(M) 122.261
2 Dividend Yield(%) 5.548
3 Dividend(sen) 5
4 Ex-date 14 Dec 2018
5 Payable date 28 Dec 2018
6 PE Ratio 11.886

 Here is the  graph analysis of the previous year’s dividend trend of JAY CORP,

Graph source malaysiastockbiz JAY CORP
Graph source malaysiastockbiz JAY CORP


4. LII Hen Industries Bhd (7089.MY)

LII Hen is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Malaysia from UV Robotic finishing product to Solid Dinettes, Buffets & Hutch to Bedroom set, Office Furniture to Utility Shelves, Specific to Shoe Rack and etc. The company via its subsidiaries also provide dining furniture. It also provides kiln drying and rubberwood.

Here are the details related to stocks of LII Hen Industries Bhd

S.N. Details Value
1 Market Capital(M) 545.5
2 Dividend Yield(%) 4.95
3 Dividend(sen) 3.5
4 Ex-date 10 Dec 2018
5 Payable date 27 Dec 2018
6 PE Ratio 7.62

The historical dividend graph of LII HEN INDUSTRIES BERHAD for the past years

Graph source malaysiastockbiz LII HEN INDUSTRIES BERHAD
Graph source malaysiastockbiz LII HEN INDUSTRIES BERHAD


5. Weida (M) Berhad (7111.MY)

Weida (M) Bhd. (WEIDA) was founded in 1983, it has evolved over the years and become an established group of companies today. The company involves around 1,000 professionals and support personnel working from more than 10 offices and project sites throughout Malaysia and the Philippines.
It was listed in the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 2001, WEIDA has had its origin from Sarawak when it started as a manufacturing company. From modest beginnings, it has expanded beyond the shores of Sarawak and has broadened into other business sectors successfully and it also managed to maintain a respectable position in the market.

WEIDA is committed to four core business sectors as follows:

Environmental Services
Works (Utility Infrastructures)
Property Development

Here are the details related to dividend provided from WEIDA (M) BERHAD

S.N. Details Value
1 Market Capital(M) 302.008
2 Dividend Yield(%) 1.26
3 Dividend(RM) 2.4
4 Ex-date 5 Dec 2018
5 Payable date 14 Dec 2018
6 PE Ratio 14.43

Let us look at the historical graph all the dividend provided by WEIDA for the past few years

Graph source malaysiastockbiz WEIDA (M) BERHAD
Graph source malaysiastockbiz WEIDA (M) BERHAD

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Did you invest in the above stocks? Did you miss your chance? Time is running, 2019 is on the door, don’t miss out the latest information about KLSE in future.
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