Several investors have become interested in blue-chip dividend stocks because of their potential for generating passive income. This could be a retirement income for older people or a very nice second income for someone with a lot of bills to pay. 

Successful investors may feel compelled to want to lock in their profits and spend them. Some of these investors may even reinvest their profits in a new dividend. However, the smarter solution is to stay in the same dividend stocks and watch the profits keep growing over time. This will happen as dividends rise and compounds on top of the initial investment made. 

Dividend Reinvestment

If you take your dividend profits and use them as part of your main income, then you could be missing out on the potential to make more money from reinvesting those dividends. According to numerous financial studies, dividend reinvestment will usually provide profitable returns to investors after a certain amount of time has gone by. 

When an investor reinvests dividends, it means they continuously purchase stocks. There can be a great advantage in doing this because of the uncertainties and fluctuation of the stock market. Since investors have cash flow from their dividends, they could reinvest in dividends during challenging economic times and then experience substantial growth afterward. 

Also, dividend reinvestment is great for compounding purposes. If you receive a dividend payment and then generate an income from it, then the value of your portfolio will be much more impressive.

Long-Term Investment

It is common for an investor to purchase a blue-chip stock and then want to sell it as soon as it performs well. Their motivation may also be due to a better investment opportunity somewhere else. This is understandable, right? Well, the price of a stock increases because it has an effective strategy and great potential for more growth. 
Billionaire Warren Buffett is known for holding onto his best performing blue-chip stocks. For decades, Buffett has been a major shareholder of several stocks which have a unique competitive advantage over other stocks. As a result, the growth of these stocks has become above average. 
Despite the comparatively high values of these stocks, Buffett holds onto them because their dividend growth keeps generating profits for him. So, why would he want to sell them?

The Current Opportunity Available

We’ve heard a lot of talk in the news about a potential trade war between the United States and several other key nations around the world. This makes the idea of investing in blue-chip stocks seem kind of risky if you’re trying to generate passive income with it. 
Fortunately, there are many stocks still available which much safer profit margins. Of course, there are always going to be risks when investing in the stock market.  But throughout several industries, these stocks are being priced by investors. This could be an indication that starting your large-cap dividend stock portfolio is a good idea to do right away. 
Just remember to hold your stock positions for a long time and then reinvest the dividends. If done correctly, you can build a steady passive income that never stops growing.

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