Foreign Exchange Trading is considered as one of the savviest ways of investing money in recent times. So if you are one of those investors who are on a constant look-out for new and smart ways of investing then Forex Trading is your destination. Forex Market trading is one of the diverse and smart ways of investing your money beyond traditional methods like investing in the stock market

Trading in the Forex market is easy if your basics of forex trading are clear. Every investor dealing and investing in forex market must know forex trading signals before starting investing in the forex market. Also, before investing you should have a good understanding and knowledge of how these forex trading signals work and how to implement them for doing profitable investments in the forex market.

The following article will help you in breaking down every minute detail about forex trading signals, exploring different types of forex signal available and the difference between them, the main forex signal system, and how to read and understand them. 

What Is Forex Signal?

Forex Signals are online forex exchange trading alerts provided by forex trading signal providers. The forex signals provide the latest trends in the forex market and all the necessary information required for forex trading. The forex trading alerts provide the latest information of forex trading opportunities available on the major forex currency pairs

These forex trading signals allows traders to take informed and wise trading decisions based on the market movement alerts sent by the providers. The forex signals sent out by the forex signal provider is based upon market analysis done by using numerous tools, market indicators, techniques and forex trading strategies. The best forex signal market analysis is done by including various market indicators like moving average, support and resistance level, candlestick pattern etc. mixed with trading strategies like hedging, arbitrage, market sentiment, price action, trading the news and central banks etc. 

Thus a forex trading signal is a recommendation that contains important information related to forex trading like preferred currency pair, the best time to enter a trade, and best price. the forex trading signals are given by forex signal provider who can be a human, a robot or trading software and the forex trading alerts are usually sent to subscribers over an SMS, e-mail, website, RSS feeds etc.

Thus to benefit from forex signals the forex traders must use the forex signals provided by leading signal providers and invest money accordingly to make the most from such forex investments.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Forex Trading Signal?

Forex trading signals are online alerts sent to forex traders which are used by them for trading in the forex market. Following are the benefits of using forex trading signals:

1. Easy and Quick Trading: When it comes to Forex trading one of the most important aspects is research and analysis of the forex market. But carrying out analysis and documenting the research is a very tedious job as it consumes a lot of time and energy. But, with forex signals, the forex traders now do not have to spend time on research as the forex signals offer all the analysis required for forex trading. Thus a forex trader can now dive-in forex market and start trading quickly and easily as the forex signal saves the time required for research and analysis of the forex market. 

2. Fixed Schedule: The Forex trading Signals are released to the trader’s everyday at a specific time as per the preference of the forex trader. This means that you don’t have to wait all day long in order to get your analysis. All the forex signals will be offered to you at your preferred time so that you can quickly start making your important trading decisions. 

3. Reduces Risk Factor: The usage of Forex Trading Signals effectively can cut-down the risk factor associated with trading forex instruments. The forex signals help the new traders with holistic market analysis making it easier for new traders to make wise decisions. Thus making the forex trading experience smooth and effective.

4. Quick Learning: The Forex trading Signals are very helpful as they help traders to understand the forex market movements and how these market fluctuations affect investments of traders.  With the help of these signals now every trader can trade effectively in the ever changing market conditions. These forex signals make it easy for traders to understand how trade alerts react to trade investments. 

5. You Can Dive Into The Forex Market Trading Immediately: The Forex Signals makes it easy and quick for traders to dive into the forex market trading. The forex market alerts give a strong analysis of the forex market which is enough for traders to start off their forex trading career immediately. If you are new to forex trading then the forex signals will offer you with proper guidance and support at the initial few months of forex trading as the initial period is very crucial for all new traders. Thus, the Forex Market Signals extends support to improve your trading experience.

6. Strong Support & Knowledgeable Advice: Forex Trading Signals and alerts offer great support to the traders as they give a 360-degree overview of the forex market of which the trader can take total advantage.  These signals are a great source of knowledge for new forex traders.

Thus above are the benefits of the Forex Trading Signal. Let us now understand the types of forex signals.

What are the types of Forex Trading Signals?

The forex market is dominant with the following TWO types of Forex Exchange Signals namely:
1. Manual Forex Signals: As the name suggests these forex alerts are to be interpreted with human intervention. This is a classic type of trading where the forex trader has to sit infront of Computer for trading and have to search for the forex signals which shall help the trader to make wise and informed decisions. The forex trader has to ascertain the trade i.e. whether to sell or buy the currency based on the analysis offered by the forex signal and personal interpretation of these signals. 

With the help of the available forex signals and specific trading skill-set a trader shall be able to carry out the trade in a smooth manner and when the market is unstable the trader might be able to foresee the unpredicted movement of the forex market and decide whether to pull out of trade or invest in the market based upon gut-feeling. Thus the manual forex signals offer a great learning opportunity to the traders but on the flip-side the entire process is very time-consuming. 

2. Automated Forex Signals: As the name suggests Automated Forex Signals is a computer software program that has been designed to offer forex signals required by you while trading. The automated forex signals are specific so it will provide signals that are specific to your needs. Under the automated forex signals there is no human intervention and the software automatically interprets and suggests the results i.e. whether to buy or sell the currency.  Trading with automated forex signals will offer accurate suggestions if the software program has been programmed in a detailed and proper manner. 
An Automated Forex signal is very fast as compared to manual forex signals so you can manage more than one currency pair simultaneously, monitor the charts 24*7, and never miss any important forex signal. 
Thus above are the two popular types of forex trading signal. Both the type has their own set of advantages and disadvantages so utilizing and opting the positives of both types is a successful tip to follow.

The forex market offers various types of Forex Signal Services providers as under: 

1. Free or unpaid forex signal service providers who offer the trading signals voluntarily.
2. Paid or Purchased forex signal service providers who offer in-depth forex market analysis based upon personal experience and offer personalized market analysis
3. Paid or purchased forex signal service providers who offer market analysis offered by a third-party organization. There is no personal experience or market analysis and these companies are just verified aggregators and offer alerts or signals analyzed by a different source. 
4. Paid or unpaid signals offered by forex trading software. The forex signal software is created to offer automated forex signals and help the trader to take wise decisions.

Thus above are the various types of forex signal providers offering forex trading signal services to the forex traders. Let us now understand the most common forex signal types.

Every forex signal provider offers a range of numerous forex signals to its customers, but it is very important to understand what each signal stands for. So here are the most common signal types that every active / prospective forex trader must know:
1. Action: As the name suggests this forex signal calls for action. The trader is expected to take an action i.e. either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ the instrument. This signal expects the trader to act at most of the times.
2. Stop loss: the stop loss is the point in forex trading where the trader defines a limit beyond which loss should not go. The stop loss signal signifies a point beyond which the losses should not go. The stop loss point is defined by the trader in order to protect the investments from further losses. In automated forex signals the software shall pull out the investments from the ongoing trade thus saving you from forex trade losses.
3. Take Profit: This signal is the exact opposite of Stop Loss signal. Under the take profit signal the trader sets a personal maximum profit point and when a particular transaction hits the pre-defined ‘Take Profit’ point then the trader is pulled out of the trade transaction.
4. Current Market Price: The Current Market Price forex signal offers a comparison between the price of the currency pair stated at the time of issuance of forex signal with the current actual price of the currency pair at the time of submitting the trade transaction. The current market price forex signal is helpful to carryout price comparison between currency pairs.

How to read a Forex Signal?

Now that we have seen and understood all the basic elements of forex trading signals let’s move ahead and understand how to read a forex trading signal. Whether the forex trading signals are manual or automated in nature, all of them offer comprehensive study and analysis of the forex market. 
An ideal forex signal offers an analysis of currency pair, prices of stock, prices of commodity and prices of bonds in abbreviated format. Let us understand how to read a forex signal with an example – “Sell USD/CHF at CMP 0.9309 – SL 0.9334 – TP 0.9278”. The above signal specifies the complete analysis of the particular trade as under:
1. A call to action i.e. “sell” 
2. Details of currency pair “USD/CHF”
3. The details of “Current Market Price” of the pair “CMP 0.9309”
4. The details of “Stop Loss” “SL 0.9334”, and
5. The details of “Take Profit” “TP 0.9278”
Thus with the above example you can clearly understand the format of the forex signal offered by various signal providers and regardless of its abbreviated manner the signal is not very complicated to understand. 


We have reached the end of this informative article, so let us summarize the important aspects of forex trading signals. First and most important you need to study and earn basic knowledge related to forex signals before diving into forex trading. You might receive trading alerts from leading forex signal provider but it will be of no use if you do not have any knowledge of comprehending the trading alert. 
Lastly, remember forex market is a very volatile and competitive arena, so subscribe to the company that offers best forex trading alerts as the quality of the forex trading alerts and forex trading signal provider is very important to make profits and become successful in forex trading.
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