How to trade bursa malaysia stock price?

Looking share prices fall and rise can leave a newbie frozen with worry, particularly who aren’t used to the volatility of the share market. There are several Malaysian people who are clueless on the way to start making an investment in share market with movable Bursa Malaysia stock price. This article will serve to address all of the daunting queries confronted by Malaysian individuals.


In Bursa Malaysia stock market, a good stock picking strategy is very essential for an investor to develop his personal wealth drastically. To start trading in Malaysian market, following tips should be followed carefully:

  • Evaluate your risk appetite
  • Open a CDS account
  • Select a reliable advisor
  • Research about market trades

For trading you can go through the stock market predictions of 2017, which will demonstrate you about the market conditions of different stocks and for this you can take help from reliable financial advisor.

They will also update you about the stock market today updates based on the accurate market analysis and price charts.


After you open trading and CDS Account, the following steps before buying stocks is deposit cash to your account. Login on your account and Make your favorite folder and add your favorite counter in that folder so that you can easily display the Bursa Malaysia stock price movement.

Stock market Malaysia price will move primarily based on tick sizes set with the aid of regulator. The tick length is the minimal rate variation among the buy and sell rate for a stock. When you are convinced with the chosen counter after studying the employer essential or technical analysis, you could begin place a purchase order.

In Bursa Malaysia, the minimum range of shares you may sell or buy per transaction is hundred units. In different phrase, if the stock’s price at RM1 in line with unit, you need at the least RM100.


An early method traders used in selecting stocks turned into to look at merchandise they owned or purchase on an ordinary basis. As an instance at the same time as strolling via the grocery aisles, you’d see 80% of the goods are owned with the aid of some major corporations.

This technique is as simple as they arrive and could only work if the inventory is held for the long term and it is a consistent and huge rock. To know the best stocks, keep an eye on Bursa Malaysia index so that you can grab more opportunities for trading profitably.

There are different valuation techniques accessible to know the Bursa Malaysia stock price and you should examine them notably and determine on some that suits your chance appetite and mindset towards investing.


It’s better to invest for the long term. And it’s believed that short term trades will usually hurt you in the end and most essential is investor’s devotion of risk and time calculation abilities play major role in selecting a selected stock choosing technique by knowing the Bursa Malaysia stock price.

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