How to judge stock recommendations for long term trading?

There are numerous stock trading strategies, while it comes to selling and buying shares, traders have two primary stock buying and selling paths to pick out from: long-term and short-term.  The ones concerned in short-term trading are called traders, while those buying and selling for the long-term are known as buy-and-hold investors.  Both long-term and short-term traders can be successful, but may follow different strategies in order to gain profit like many traders use stock recommendations for long term trading while others use different ways.


Long-term traders show more forbearance than short-term traders. Buy-and-hold traders enter into the stock position for the long-term and are not preoccupied with short-term market volatility. These investors outlook on the stocks is rooted within the notion that the stock market Malaysia will offer an excellent rate of return over the miles.

There are advantages and disadvantages to long-term trading.  Investors have to use distinct techniques and analyze shares in various ways.  Yet it will need knowledge of market and the capacity to recognize trading techniques & to achieve success, stock recommendation for long term can be useful.


If you are a newbie investor in Bursa Malaysia stock market, you may be searching which is a great time to buy or sell stocks. While attempting to understand why stock prices rise and fall it allows understanding the law of demand and supply.

The most effective thing that is certain is that stocks are volatile and unexpected change in Bursa Malaysia stock market price. If the service or product is in short supply, traders will pay more for it; if there’s abundance, the rate will fall. The other factors which are responsible for price fluctuations are:

Internal Events: Those events arise in the company that impacts the fundamentals, either indirectly or directly. Examples of events will be the release of quarterly financials which can be both positive and terrible.

External Events: Those are main political, social and economical activities that arise internationally that have an indirect effect on the company and its industry.

Hype: There are individuals who sell stocks for benefit, both to pump up the charge in their very own shares or to sell them at once for a price from the company. It effects all the phenomenon’s whether it is stock market today price or other.


Malaysia market in 2017 can lead to various ups and downs in stock prices. Traders who prefer KLSE as the first choice of investing should better select a reliable advisor for generating outstanding results. Traders can ask for Stock market 2017 predictions so that they can pick stocks for long term investment. The predictions include the Bursa Malaysia index along with the performance record of the stocks. But getting all the information is not sufficient for long-term, traders should use stock recommendations for long term trading. Stock recommendation includes information such as stop loss, target price, entry and exit points etc.


Stock recommendations for long term trading can be very good and effective choice for gaining profits from stock trading in stock market Malaysia. It makes stock trading easy and will be very helpful in predicting the right stock for long term trading. Most of the successful traders prefer the stock recommendations approach for investing.

Malaysian palm oil fates on Monday – Commodity Recommendation

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian palm oil fates on Monday hit a two-week low, recording a moment straight session of decays, as costs were overloaded by prospects of enhancing levels underway. – Commodity Recommendation

Benchmark palm oil prospects for April conveyance on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange was down 1.2 percent at 3,036 ringgit ($682.71) a ton at the end of exchange. It prior tumbled to 3,019 ringgit, palm’s weakest levels since Jan. 31.  – Commodity Recommendation

Exchanged volumes remained at 68,361 heaps of 25 tons each at night.  – Commodity Recommendation

“Creation figures are bearish (on costs) as it is observed getting in February. Creation is coming in and the surge season is over,” said a prospects dealer from Kuala Lumpur, be that as it may, including there may not be a lofty decrease in costs.

“The market is as yet holding at the 3,013 ringgit levels. Spot month costs are still exceptionally solid.”

Expanding yield of the tropical oil, as the impacts of the harvest harming El Nino become dull, could facilitate palm’s benchmark costs, which are exchanging at an over four-year high at this point.

Generation for January declined 13.4 percent to 1.28 million tons

its most keen drop in a year, as indicated by information from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board on Friday.

Overwhelming precipitation over the east shoreline of Peninsular Malaysia likewise affected yield a month ago, as surges prevented the organic product collecting process.

Palm oil may drop to 3,014 ringgit for every ton, as it has broken a support at 3,089 ringgit, said Reuters advertise examiner for wares and vitality technicals Wang Tao.

In other related consumable oils

the March soybean oil contract on the Chicago Board of Trade declined as much as 0.8 percent, while the May soybean oil contract on the Dalian Commodity Exchange fell 0.8 percent.

The May contract for Dalian palm olein dropped as much as 1.6 percent.

Our recommendation for KLSE investors

  5. BIG


Our recommendation for SGX investors

  1. NOBLE
  4. AA


KLCI pushes through key 1,700 early Monday – stock signals

KUALA LUMPUR: Blue chips picked up force early Monday as Petronas stocks, manors and banks pushed the FBM KLCI convincingly over the key 1,700 level again with more upside seen. – stock signals

At 9.02am, the KLCI was up 2.66 focuses or 0.16% to 1,701.60. Turnover was 113.59 million shares esteemed at RM30.65mil. There were 167 gainers, 49 washouts and 195 counters unaltered. – stock signals

Hong Leong Investment Banks (HLIB) Research with the managed purchasing enthusiasm for the abroad securities exchanges, the Dow Jones Industrial Average may slant higher towards the 20,300-20,400 levels with foresight that Donald Trump would present new monetary approaches over the close term.

“As the exchanging interest surged emphatically on Friday with a crevice up development, we can anticipate that benefit taking exercises will set in this week for the record heavyweights. By and by, exchanging interest may center inside the O&G stocks in the midst of a recuperation in Brent oil costs,” it said. – stock signals

Oil costs plunged on Monday on signs that worldwide fuel markets remained bloated in spite of OPEC-drove unrefined generation cuts that have been more fruitful than most at first expected, Reuters announced. – stock signals

Brent rough fates were exchanging at US$56.55 per barrel at 0035 GMT, down 15 pennies from their past close. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) unrefined fates were down 12 pennies at US$53.74 a barrel.

At Bursa, Petronas Dagangan added 18 sen to RM24.22 and Petronas Gas added 10 sen to RM20.58.

With respect to ranches, KL kepong rose 22 sen to RM25.30, PPB Group 10 sen to RM16.50, Sime Darby six sen to RM9.05 while Batu Kawan increased four sen to RM19.78.

Among banks, Public Bank rose 14 sen to RM20.24 and CIMB six sen higher to RM5.14.

MISC fell 10 sen to RM7.50 on desires of harder circumstances ahead in FFY17, Genting Bhd was down eight sen to RM8.60 while UMW and Telekom shed three sen each to RM5.45 and RM6.11.

Our recommendation for KLSE investors

  3. VIS


Our recommendation for SGX investors

  5. NOBLE


How to select the hot stocks for investing in Malaysia?

Traders that want to cover all the bases when it comes to market risk would possibly want to keep in mind the very worst-case – and quality-case – eventualities for shares in 2017. The share market is among the few things which are very unpredictable than the weather. The market can be a mystery to the ones who are trying to select the hot stocks, make stock market predictions or see traits.

But there is a question roaming in every traders mind that how to select the best hot stocks for trading, here in these article we have described some ways of picking stock and about predictions of stock market.


Our financial system cannot control to overheat, consequently growth of close to 4% is good sufficient for now however be cautious while picking stocks for trading or pick using stock market today updates.

You are looking at a handful of stocks and a number of them have grown to be even more attractive considering the fact that we’ve checked out them. Which are those stocks? Here are the hot stocks:

Airasia: Airasia can be stronger in Malaysia so you can pick this whenever it will perform well.

Ekovest: Ekovest, its miles bringing cost in advance than any other. It’s better to prefer KLSE stock recommendation before trading this stock.

TA: You can trade it at an excessive price with small amount of sum.

For stock market 2017 predictions you can take advices from the stock advisors and can earn profit accordingly.


Deciding on an investment primarily based strictly at the standards inputs of a stock screener is liable to blunders and does no longer produce a complete illustration of the organization. Eventually, easily coattailing institutional traders will commonly no longer help you discover any ten baggers as fund managers tend to cognizance often on secure stocks.

Selecting stocks in stock market Malaysia is a complex task but not impossible. Before selecting a stock for trading, you should be aware of the following things:

  • Determine Your Goals
  • Keep Your Eyes Open
  • Finding Companies
  • Select an advisor and use Daily stocks signals for stock picking


In Bursa Malaysia stock market, there are different trading methods which can be used by traders as per their comfort level and they are:

Day Trading: Day trading refers to market positions that are held for a short time; commonly the trader opens and closes a position within a same day. Usually, day buyers are knowledgeable and well funded. They use intraday trading signals to know the Bursa Malaysia stock market price to pick suitable hot stocks for trading.

Positional Trading: It is an approach to trading in which the trader buys or sells contracts and holds them for more time. They prefer advisory services for getting updates about Bursa Malaysia index of stocks.

Swing Trading: Swing trades are commonly held for greater than a day but for a shorter time than trend trades.

Scalping:  Scalping is one of the quickest strategies used by traders. It consists of exploiting diverse price gaps as a result of bid/ask spreads and order flows.


At this point you may be left with best an. Perhaps, even after all of the time you put into finding a stock, you made a decision that this enterprise isn’t always proper for you. This type of selection is critical to the artwork of hot stocks picking on account that your studies have helped prevent a probably sour funding.

Global crude oil prices are expected – crude oil trading

KUALA LUMPUR: Speaking to columnists at a preparation on OCBC Bank’s 2017 Economic Outlook, Wiranto said unrefined petroleum costs had captured its free-fall, and was presently moving towards continuous rebalancing taking after the generation cuts by oil majors. (crude oil trading)

Other ware costs were additionally anticipated that would move higher pair with the oil value recuperation, he said.(crude oil trading)

Unrefined petroleum on the worldwide benchmark Brent was cited at around US$55.80 per barrel, up around 0.2%, yesterday evening.

Before the assention by Opec and non-Opec to cut creation at end-November 2016, oil costs had been drifting at under US$50 per barrel.

As per Wiranto, the bounce back in unrefined petroleum costs was required to bolster the ringgit’s esteem, which he said was right now underestimated on the long haul genuine viable conversion scale premise.

“Since oil value droop of earlier years was one component influencing the ringgit’s swapping scale, it is consistent to anticipate that a similar example will hang on the other side now that oil cost is recouping,” he said.

Wiranto said Malaysia’s financial basics ought to bolster the reinforcing of the ringgit, in spite of the fact that market opinion could bring about changes of the estimation of the cash in the short to medium term.

“On a very basic level, the ringgit ought to be a ton more grounded than where it is presently,” Wiranto stated, including that the strength of the yuan would offer support to local monetary standards, including ringgit.

Wiranto said he would expect provincial national banks, including Bank Negara, to concentrate on modifying their remote trade (forex) hold cradle to counter market and money volatilities.

“Toward the day’s end, forex stores are shots to be utilized amid extreme circumstances, and so as to guarantee that you have a decent position in an unstable market, you would need to have however many projectiles as could be allowed,” he clarified.

As far as arrangement activity, Wiranto said he didn’t anticipate that Bank Negara will cut loan fees this year.

“Bank Negara is probably going to keep up the overnight approach rate unaltered at 3% this year as it has taken a more positive tone as far as the nation’s development and expansion standpoint for 2017… in the event that development is farly vigorous, why squander a shot,” he said.(crude oil trading)

OCBC Bank had anticipated Malaysia’s financial development to stay stable at 4.2% this year, bolstered by fare recuperation and vigorous residential utilization.

Wiranto said the nation’s fare development would likely bounce back to around 3% to 3% in 2017, contrasted and the assessed 0.5% in 2016, by virtue of higher ware costs and a get in electrical and electronic (E&E) deals.(crude oil trading)

Breakfast briefing – Equity Signal Malaysia

MarketWrap: The S&P 500 finished scarcely higher on Tuesday while the Nasdaq figured out how to scratch out another record as additions in huge tech names countered vitality decays. The Dow Jones Industrial Average likewise hit an intraday unsurpassed high soon after the market opened, and the benchmark S&P 500 approached yet another record high. – Equity Signal Malaysia

The DJIA rose 37.87 focuses, or 0.19%, to end at 20,090.29, the S&P 500 increased 0.52 point, or 0.02%, to 2,293.08 and the Nasdaq included 10.67 focuses, or 0.19%, to 5,674.22.(Equity Signal Malaysia)


Oil costs that tumbled over 1% on Tuesday fell further after settlement, constrained by developing unrefined stockpiles in the United States as confirmation of an expanding restoration in US shale creation could confuse endeavors by Opec and different makers to decrease a supply overabundance. Brent unrefined LCOc1 settled down 67 pennies, or 1.2%, at US$55.05 a barrel. – Reuters

Forex synopsis – (Equity Signal Malaysia)

*The ringgit lost 0.11% to 4.4402 for every US$

*It lost 0.23% to 4.7448 versus euro

*Down 1.21%% to 5.5525 for each pound sterling

*Down 0.13% to 3.1341 for each Singapore dollar

*0.21% lower to 3.3908 for each Aussie

*0.35% bring down at 3.9601 for each 100 yen

Best outside stories

GM final quarter benefit falls on money misfortunes: General Motors Co said on Tuesday that final quarter net pay fell somewhat on the quality of the dollar against the British pound and gauge level 2017 benefit for each share. GM’s net salary tumbled to US$1.8 billion, or US$1.19 per share, from US$6.3 billion, or US$3.92 a share, a year prior. – Equity Signal Malaysia

US exchange shortage falls as fares hit more than 1-1/2 year high: The US exchange shortfall fell in December as fares hit their largest amount in more than 1-1/2 years in the midst of record shipments of innovation items, yet fortifying household request focuses to further ascents in imports, which could oblige monetary development. The Commerce Department said on Tuesday the exchange hole dropped 3.2% to US$44.3 billion, finishing two straight months of increments. – Reuters

Our recommendation for KLSE investors

  3. KSL
  4. IVORY



Appetite for stocks and the euro ebbed on Tuesday – Stock Trading Picks

Hunger for stocks and the euro ebbed on Tuesday as political and monetary vulnerability sent financial specialists shielding in the Japanese yen and gold, while desires China’s remote trade saves had fallen for a seventh month added to anxiety. (Stock Trading Picks)

MSCI’s broadest file of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was minimal changed in early exchange.(Stock Trading Picks)

Japan’s Nikkei dropped 0.6 percent as a more grounded yen discouraged stocks.

Financial specialists anticipated that China would state on Tuesday that its remote trade saves fell for the seventh straight month by about $10.5 billion to $3 trillion in January.

Be that as it may, some said stores may have really ascended because of more tightly controls on moving cash out of the nation, too the effect of a weaker dollar.(Stock Trading Picks)

By the by, as stores stay at around $3 trillion, concerns wait over the speed at which China has drained its assets to shield the money.

Overnight, both U.S. what’s more, European stocks dropped.

Money Street plunged as much as 0.2 percent, drove bring down by the vitality part as oil costs fell, with speculators as yet sitting tight for subtle elements of President Donald Trump’s financial approaches.

“The more Congress and the Trump organization dither on monetary jolt, the more outlandish in everybody’s estimation that it will happen,” said Aaron Kohli, a loan fee strategist at BMO Capital Markets in New York.

In Europe, decays took after the presidential battle dispatch of far-right National Front Leader Marine Le Pen on a stage vowing to flight globalization and remove France from the European Union.

French stocks <.FCHI> lost 1 percent, and yields on 10-year French government securities hit their largest amount since September 2015.

“In spite of the response in the French yields, surveys indicate Le Pen would complete runner up by a wide edge to either Independent Emmanuel Macron or Republican Francois Fillon,” James Woods, worldwide venture investigator at Rivkin Securities in Sydney, wrote in a note.

The euro <EUR=EBS> slipped 0.1 percent to $1.0738 at an early stage Tuesday. On Monday, it touched an almost one-week low before shutting down 0.3 percent.

The dollar was minimal changed at 111.765 yen <JPY=> on Tuesday, neglecting to recoup any of its 0.9 percent misfortune from Monday, as financial specialists took shelter in the place of refuge yen.

The dollar file <.DXY>, which tracks the greenback against an exchange weighted wicker bin of its associates, fared better, clutching an expansion of just about 0.1 percent from Monday at 99.907.

Oil costs crept higher from the get-go Tuesday in the wake of posting their greatest one-day misfortune since Jan. 18 on Monday, reflecting stresses that rising oil supply out of the United States would exceed OPEC yield checks.

U.S. unrefined <CLc1> increased around 0.35 percent to $53.20, subsequent to falling 1.5 percent on Monday.

Gold surrendered some of Monday’s solid picks up however floated near its three-month high hit on the day.

Spot gold <XAU=> slipped 0.1 percent to $1,234.01 an ounce, subsequent to surging 1.3 percent on Monday.- Reuters

Our recommendation for KLSE investors

  1. KSL



Daily stock picks to consider investing in dividend stocks

In case you’ve ever had occasion to make studies comparing distinct kinds of returns from stocks which have unique traits, as a category, dividend stocks tend to do better than the average stock over lengthy intervals of time. There are a large number of reasons as to why this occurs but it’s a powerful enough that many traders have achieved pretty properly for themselves over an investing lifetime via specializing in dividend stocks using daily stock picks.

It’d be useful to sit down for a moment and break out reasons dividend stocks are so fascinating to traders who prioritize long-term wealth accumulation.

Dividend stocks might be better for many ordinary traders than shares that don’t Pay Dividends because the coins flow restrictions result in lower Accruals:

Typically, traders aren’t exactly inquisitive about studying about superior accounting strategies, daily stock picks or diving into a profits assertion or balance sheet.  Although, it’s the coronary heart and soul of the making an investment procedure.  After all, an enterprise is ultimately simplest well worth total current value of the discounted cash flows it can and could produce for its proprietors.

In fact, whilst valuing a company or shares, most expert traders use a shape of changed loose cash flow in preference to pronounced net profits applicable to not unusual to make trades using Stocks picks.  In my case, my favored metric is something known as owner earnings.

An agency that pays dividends has to physically provide you with cash that buyers can receive; cash that is mailed to them in paper check form, direct deposited into their checking or financial savings account, or dispatched to their broker for deposit of their brokerage account. For fruitful stocks trading, you can get free daily stock picks from the advisor to execute trade.

Dividend stocks better than stocks that do not Pay Dividends for many regular investors because the huge On-Going cash commitment Reduces funds to be had for Managerial Allocation:

While coins starts to pile up in surplus, many women and men discover themselves going through a steady stress to spend it, even supposing spending it’d be a mistake or lead to much less best results.  For the ones in corporate America, whilst that spending is dedicated to mergers and acquisitions, it may bring about a far larger domain and all that comes with it, normally share alternatives, limited shares, higher income, bonuses, pension advantages, and, perhaps, even a golden parachute.

Because of this executives need to be more extra selective while figuring out ability merger and acquisition applicants than they otherwise might have needed to be in a world of easy money. For the selection of the stock, free daily stock picks Malaysia can be utilized in Malaysia market to make profit.

Dividend stocks might be better than stocks that don’t Pay Dividends due to the fact They enjoy a Phenomenon referred to as “Yield guide” for the duration of stock marketplace Crashes:

Believe which you are searching at a daily stock picks that trades at $100 according to share.  Now, consider that inventory pays a 3% dividend.  The enterprise itself is especially strong.  Income cowls the dividend sufficiently and people profits are from diverse underlying resources so there is best a tiny probability of a dividend cut.  Now, consider that the stock market begins to crash.  This company falls to $90 consistent with percentage, $80 in step with percentage, $70 in line with percentage. In this type of cases, use stocks picks to gain profit.

It continues going, down through $60 per proportion, $50 in line with percentage.  sooner or later, provided that dividend is secure and investors are convinced it’s far going to be maintained, the dividend yield at the inventory itself goes to be so appealing that it brings in shoppers from the sidelines; individuals who in any other case can’t stand to peer the yield right there in front of them without doing something approximately it. So always prefer stocks picks in Malaysia for trading.

Bottom Line:

There are multiple ways to pick out the first-rate shares so that you can day alternate.  Keep in mind trading is an adventure, so do not try to determine all of it out in someday.  Just make certain your experiment gives you the means to exchange high quantity stocks primarily based on a valid system or daily stock picks that continuously makes you money.

Oil prices edged up on Friday – Commodity trading tips

Oil costs edged up on Friday on news that U.S. President Donald Trump could be ready to force new endorses on various Iranian substances, terminating geopolitical strains between the two countries. (Commodity trading tips)

Reuters revealed that the U.S. organization is set up to take off new measures against more than two dozen Iranian targets taking after Tehran’s ballistic rocket test, as per sources, yet the bundle was planned in a way that would not damage the 2015 Iran atomic arrangement.

Brent rough fates had risen 28 pennies (Commodity trading tips)

or 0.5 percent, to $56.84 a barrel by 0123 GMT (08:23 p.m. ET), in the wake of settling down 24 pennies at $56.56 in the past session.

Front month U.S. rough fates, otherwise called West Texas Intermediate, climbed 29 pennies, or 0.5 percent, to $53.83 a barrel, in the wake of completion Tuesday down 34 pennies. For the week, the agreement is fulfilled somewhat more than 1 percent.

Oil costs have balanced out around 15 percent over the level before a few makers concurred in December to control generation, National Australia Bank said in a note on Friday.

“The upward weight on oil costs has been halfway balanced by rising U.S. generation since October a year ago, which is relied upon to proceed for whatever remains of 2017,” the bank said.

“We now anticipate that oil costs will normal around the mid to high $50s in Q1 and Q2, before achieving the low $60s by end-2017 and balancing out at around those levels in 2018.”

Worldwide oil yield was cut by 1.4 million barrels for each day (bpd) a month ago, Russian vitality serve Alexander Novak stated, as a major aspect of the arrangement a year ago amongst OPEC and different makers drove by Russia.

Novak said Russian organizations may cut oil generation speedier than had been at first concurred with OPEC and included that he anticipated that the market would rebalance by the center of this current year.


  1. DENKO
  2. MPAY
  3. AAX



Blue chips fell early Thursday – Free daily stock picks

KUALA LUMPUR: Blue chips fell early Thursday, setting the pace for a mindful exchanging month of February on kept offering weight on power monster Tenaga Nasional. (Free daily stock picks)

At 9.15am, the KLCI was down 1.73 focuses or 0.1% to 1,669.81 – amplifying the 14 focuses decrease on Tuesday.(Free daily stock picks)

Turnover was 160.71 million shares esteemed at RM117.63mil. There were 186 gainers, 102 failures and 211 counters unaltered.

Hong Leong Investment Bank Research said in front of the February detailing season, shares on Bursa Malaysia will prone to be caught in range-bound solidification in the wake of surging 1.8% in January.

“By and large, exchanging energy may change to lower liners and little tops after their current retracements,” it said.

Asian shares ticked up while the dollar was topped on Thursday after the US Federal Reserve adhered to its somewhat energetic monetary view however gave no clue of any quick rate climb, Reuters announced.

US oil fell on Thursday after authority information indicated US rough and gas stockpiles climbed pointedly, despite the fact that signs that OPEC and different makers are holding the line on yield cuts are supporting costs, it said.

Front month prospects for West Texas Intermediate were down 34 pennies at US$53.54 a barrel at 0016 GMT on Thursday. They climbed US$1.07 to close at $53.88 the day preceding.

Exchanging of Brent unrefined had not begun. The agreement settled up $1.22 a barrel at $56.80 on Wednesday.

At Bursa, Petronas Gas fell 28 sen to RM20.60 while Tenaga lost 24 sen to RM13.16 while Tenaga call warrants C34 tumbled five sen to six sen.

With respect to banks, Maybank and AmBank fell six sen each to RM8.16 and RM4.52.

KLCC lost 12 sen to RM7.87, F&N shed eight sen to RM23.42 and TimeCom was eight sen bring down at RM7.92.

In any case, BAT recouped somewhat to add 66 sen to RM47 and Eon Credit picked up 36 sen to RM15.98.

Ranches were generally higher driven by United Plantations which rose 50 sen to RM28, KL Kepong added 24 sen to RM24.34 and PPB Group 18 sen higher at RM16.44. Genting Plantation was up 12 sen to RM11.02.

We publish our hot stocks list for KLSE investors, so hurry up trader see this list and start trading

  2. AAX
  4. FGV