Foreign Exchange Trading fondly called as Forex Trading has shown tremendous growth both in terms of Forex trading and technological advancement in recent times. The Forex market is flooded with various Forex trading instruments and Forex signal providers who drop very useful hints that are useful for Forex trading. Forex traders who are actively participating in Forex trade surely need the help of the Forex trading alerts and must pay close attention to these trading signals as these Forex tips help them in taking profitable decisions and make it big in the Forex trading market. 

In this article, we shall learn about Forex signal services offered by Forex signal providers and closely understand the intricacies of Forex trading and Forex market. Additionally, this article will also help us understand the best time to pick the best Forex trading recommendation and what parameters should be considered while choosing the best Forex signal provider. 

Thus, this article will throw light on the importance of having a Forex trading signal provider and the best ways to find top-notch trading signal provider. 

What is a Forex Signal Service?

Before indulging further ahead into the topic let’s start with the basics. A Forex signal service is a facility offered by various Forex signal service provider, who sends regular market signals to the Forex subscribers useful for Forex trading. Thus, a signal provider carries out Forex market analysis and those trends / Forex trading tips can be used for Forex trading. 

The trading signals are usually offered to you on subscription basis package mostly monthly or yearly packages. Once you subscribe for the package the Forex trading alerts are sent to you on a regular basis. The price of the subscription package is priced by the Forex signal provider and depends as per their accurate Forex trading signals

The Forex trading recommendation sent by the provider usually include details of trade instrument like the entry price of the instrument, stop loss level, charts and market performance commentaries etc. 

Benefits Forex Trading Signal Service

The benefits of having a dedicated Forex trading signal provider are limitless. Following are few of the most important reasons for availing Forex Signal service:
  • They provide proper guidance for Forex trading.
  • They will help you in making profitable Forex trading. 
  • They will provide with historic data and current analysis of exchange instruments.
  • They will assist you in trading difficult instruments and allow you to make profits with each Forex trade.
  • The analysis of the exchange instruments is done by careful monitoring and examining various market indicators.

Let us understand important tips that will help you in finding the best Forex trading signal provider.

1. Track Profitability

One of the major factors for availing the Forex Signal service is the profitability they offer on investments. While all the Forex signal providers claim to offer accurate Forex trading tips but the only factor that differentiates the best Forex trading signal provider is a verified track record. 

A verified track record ensures that accurate Forex signal trading signals are sent out to subscribes and they register for these Forex trading alerts. The success of the Forex recommendation is dependent upon two important factors namely the verified track record and profitability of the transaction which is measured in terms of pips. 

There is a huge difference between a simple Forex trading signal and real Forex signals as accurate Forex trading signal offer analysis of overall returns, monthly returns, maximum draw-downs, and the risk levels per trade. 

So to keep profitability on track it is very important to keep in mind 3 important aspects namely risk involved per trade, setting up of conservative level, and has a good reward-to-drawdown ratio.

2. Opt For A Trial Period

Forex trading must be done with informed decisions as your hard-earned money is at stake. So it is always recommended to opt for a trial period as it is one of the best ways to test the
Forex trading tips offered by various Forex signal providers.

Opting a free trial period for testing the Forex trading recommendation is beneficial for numerous reasons stated as under:

  • Trial period is available for FREE
  • Trial period offers you with the opportunity to check whether the trading signal offered by the signal provider is in sync with your personal trading style.
  • Get an idea whether the format of the trading tips are accurate or not.
  • You can ascertain the win-rate and risk per trade ratio as per the Forex trade signal service.

Thus all these little details of Forex trading tips can be verified by applying for a trial period. A Forex signal free trial is important to understand the accuracy of these signals and helps in choosing the provider who offers the best Forex trading signal.

Experts of Forex trading suggest choosing a Forex signal provider who offers a free trial period as it becomes easy for you to spot and differentiate real Forex signal provider from fake ones.

The average tenure of the free trial period offered by signal provider is usually around one to two weeks. You might find the time frame very short initially but this time frame is substantial enough to experience and judge the trading signals offered by the
Forex trading signal provider.

3. Additional Features

Before subscribing or undertaking services of any
Forex trading signal provider, you should make sure that whether the provider offers any additional features apart from just Forex trading tips. It is important that the trading signal provider offers additional trading support in form chart analysis, trading videos, watch-out list, weekly / daily Forex market outlook, in-depth knowledge about Forex market like profitable currency pairs etc. 

In addition to the above mentioned trading support, you must also look at whether the Forex trading signal provider provides accurate and clean data as it helps a lot in terms of profitability of the trade. Check whether the Forex trader provides for live trade room and offers features like stop loss, entry point and take profits as these parameters help in understanding the performance of the Forex trade. Also, these parameters will allow you to inspect the accuracy of all the aspects of Forex trading signals offered by the provider and help you make a wise and informed decision. 

Apart from offering additional trading features and 
Forex trading tips the provider must also be offering good customer service. While selecting the best Forex trading signal provider one important aspect you must not neglect is the customer service offered by the provider. The best Forex trading signal provider is dedicated to offering around the clock customer support and resolves all the trading queries by being in direct contact with the customers via Internet or Phone.

4. Do The Signals Motivate For You?

Yes, you heard it right one of the most important factors while choosing the best signal provider is to choose and filter for the signal provider that offer signals that suit your trading style. To decide the best Forex trading signal provider it is important to first define your personal trading style. Few of the important questions that you must ask yourself for defining your trading style and signal style are as under:

  • What is the duration of the trading signal? Short-term signals or long-term signals.
  • Are the trading signals based upon fundamental analysis or technical analysis or both?
  • Do these signals offer trade intraday breakouts or medium-term price fluctuations?

Answering all these questions will help you get clarity about the style of trading signal and whether they suit your trading style or not. The above stated questions help a lot in finding the right balance between the accuracy of trading signals and profitability of the Forex trading signals.

Kindly note, it is important for accurate Forex signal trading tips to precise and profitable irrespective of your trading style because  if they are not profitable you will never opt them. While, in the long run try finding a Forex trading signal provider that suits and compliments your personal trading style. 

Choose a Forex signal trading signal that meets your financial goal and personal trading style for example if you are not a trader who trades for short term quick profits like scalper or you are not a short duration Forex trader then it is best to avoid subscribing to Forex trading alerts that provide short-term trading signals rather opt for long-term Forex trading tips and alerts instead.

It is usually observed that long-term Forex trading signals have a higher success rate as they are more accurate and profitable, compared to short-term Forex trading signals. However, it is all about how much comfortable you are with the signal provider’s Forex signals and the actual profits earned by opting the provider’s Forex trading tips. 

5. Short List And Compare

Once you are done with your research about Forex market and have a complete list of best Forex trading signal provider, then it is time to compare them. You can compare the shortlisted contenders on the basis of their accurate analysis of Forex trading and accurate Forex trading signals offered by them.

There are numerous websites that help to find the best Forex signal providers which you can search easily by searching the list on Google. For finalizing the top contenders of Forex signal provider focus on the top 10 signal providers and check whether they meet all the above mentioned tips. 

Another important aspect that you must focus while selecting the best Forex signal provider is to pick a few for a trial period and subscribe for their free trial, and finally compare the performance of underlying assets based upon the Forex trading signals they offer. Choosing this type of approach will help you in understanding and implementing the Forex trading tips in a structured manner. 

Sometimes you might find free Forex signal services providers but beware of such services as they might lead you to lose your money. These free Forex signal alerts are not necessarily bad but choosing a Forex trading signal provider based on good reputation and reviews would be a good decision. Thus comparing the top signal providers will help you in choosing the best Forex trading signal provider.


Scouting and choosing for the best
Forex trading signal provider can be a tough task as the market and internet are flooded with countless options but it is equally important to choose one because it will help you in making profitable Forex trading decisions. However, before finalizing the provider, it is important for you to answer the following questions in order to find the best Forex trading signal provider:

  • What are the timelines of the signal provider to send the Forex trading alerts?
  • Do the trading tips and alerts are in sync with your trading style and risk appetite?
  • Does the Forex trading signal provider offer the facility of a free trial?
  • Is the free trial period facility offered before signing up for the trading signal subscription?

Make a note that best trading signal provider is one who offers good analysis and provides additional features like webinars, trading analysis videos, market commentary, charts etc. this additional features are very helpful as they are a great source of information and offers a good learning opportunity to newbie’s to become an expert in Forex trader. 

A top-notch Forex trading signal provider must be able to provide with 24*7 support and customer service for all your queries and concerns. Thus it is very important that you choose for a Forex signal provider who has a good reputation and reviews regarding customer service and support. 

Finally, in this article, we have learned the top 5 tips that will help you in scouting the best Forex trading
signal provider. So take time to choose the right Forex signal provider who understands your needs and goals. Implementing the above given tips shall help you in searching for and selecting the best Forex signal provider.

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