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A stock market, equity market or share market is a platform where new investors start investing their, money in the new way. Stock market is a market of buying & selling shares. In stock market you can purchase companies share when you want to purchase them or when companies share rate is going to low, & you can sell your share when market rate is going high. In the share market you can hold your shares when you want to hold them. Like a year & more time.

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How to invest in stocks, there are some of different style for share market investment.

1. Intraday trading
2. Positional trading
3. Mid term trading
4. Value Investing
5. Growth Investing

Intraday trading :- Intraday trading refers to market positions that are held for a short time; commonly the trader opens and closes a position the same day. Usually, day buyers are knowledgeable and well funded. They make use of excessive quantities of leverage and short-time investing strategies to capitalize on small movements of price in highly liquid stocks or currencies. You can also call intraday trading as a day trading.

Positional trading :- It is an approach to trading in which the trader buys or sells contracts and holds them for more time. Traders buy companies shares when companies share is not on high rates & wait for the situation when market rate is going high & then sell their shares.

Mid term trading :- If you would like to trade in the mid term trading- in this situation you can hold your share a day or for a week. During this you can hold your share & analyze the market value& as per the analysis you can sell your share. That time is very useful for mid term investors.

Value Investing :- It’s an investment strategy where you can select your stocks for trade less than their intrinsic values or which appears cheap. A value investing investor waits to market reaction that whether the market condition is good or bad.

Growth Investing :- Growth investing is a funding style and funding approach which is targeted on the development of a trader’s capital. Growth investors invest in growth stocks whose earnings are expected to increase above the average rate as compared to the market.

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