How is a stock advisory in Malaysia beneficial for stock trading?

Whenever it comes to stock trading, it is tough to rely on any source of information because your valuable income is on stake. With every investment you make, a lot of determination, dedication and accurate stock investment tips are required. Inorder to manage the strategies required for stock trading and risk management, Stock advisory in Malaysia can help you to reach your goals and maximize your returns.

As we know, investment is a rational and critical decision, lot of planning and patience is required before taking the decision. One must always need experts’ advice before investing as many things are to be taken care of.

Who is a Stock Advisor?

Someone who identify your objective of investments, study your trading risk appetite, and accordingly provides the share trading signals for fruitful returns.

How is stock advisory in Malaysia beneficial for Stock Trading?

  1. 1. Sensible exit calls

Many traders fails to understand that what is the correct time to exit the market with the maximum returns, thus they keep waiting and waiting in a hope that the stock prices will go further high and they shall exit later. However, every stock has some particular exit point if the stock is not cleared on that particular value; a high probability is there that the investors might lose money.

stock advisory in Malaysia

Thus with an expert stock advisor and there latest stock investment tips you get a regular exit calls for stocks that might not perform in near future.

  1. 2. Pro with you:

Being an investor, you know what trading is all about, how is share market performing, which stocks are going high, which will fall. However, it is difficult to take a call when it comes for actual buying.

stock advisory in Malaysia

So opting for a reliable stock advisor, can help you chunk the latest share trading signals and help you to make decisions for investments as per your objectives. A professional stock analyst is always good when you looking for stock trading.

  1. 3. Take away your emotional rule:

Many a time traders bring in the emotional aspect while investing but emotions can highly affect the rational decision-making. So stock advisors help removing emotions from your trading equations and strengthen you with the profitable stock trading signals.

stock advisory in Malaysia

  1. 4. Rop in investment risks:

Imagine a stock advisory company sharing 95% accurate equity trading tips in Malaysia just to make fruitful trading outcomes exclusively for you. It drops the risk of investments and you are more confident on your trading strategies.

stock advisory in Malaysia

  1. 5.Technology:

Stock advisors use various advanced tools for tracking the live movements of stocks and accordingly share the stock tips. With the modern technology, investment has now become smarter.

stock advisory in Malaysia

It is said, “every accomplishment starts with making a simple decision that is to TRY”. So try for a reliable stock advisory firm now.

For the best stock advisory services in Malaysia always rely on us to serve you better with the trending share trading signals.

How to capture low stock investment signal and sell high?

We are all aware about the basic definition of Profit is Sell Price minus Cost price. The fundamental rule is to buy the product at a little low price add your margin to it and sell it on a price higher than the cost price. Same concept runs with Stock investment signal.

Tactics to spot Low stock investment signals.

Every investor thinks to buy the stock when the prices are low so that when the prices touch the peak, he can sell the shares. This concept defines the Buy-Low/Sell-High strategy. One require art, skill and patience for efficient utilization of this strategy. 

Tactics to spot Low stock investment signals.

Most of the times, there are signals that the stock is worth buying and any trader must never avoid such signals if believes in short stock buying.

Here are few tips on how to capture low stock investment signal:

First Tip:

Always keep an eye on the insider buying. If any company’s employees believe in buying the stocks then probability is high that the stocks might boost in the near future. Usually this stock trading signal can be reliable in most of the cases. However, one should be aware of the company’s history and long-term objective.

Tactics to spot Low stock investment signals.

Second Tip:

Follow basic method of Moving Average. Try to compare the average of a shorter period with a longer period’s averages. If the average of short period is greater than the long period average than one must buy that stock. As it is a clear stock, buy signal.

Tactics to spot Low stock investment signals.

Third Tip:

Follow the intraday stock signal trend that shall help you to identify which stock to buy when is the bull running and which equity’s price will fall when the bear is roaring. This identification of the market will help you to plan your investment and accordingly buy the stocks that are currently having a low price tag.

Fourth Tip:

The right time to buy a stock at low price could be when you observe that any particular stock has shown heavy stock selling. With this stock signal, there could be chance that the investors have borrowed stocks from the stock owners and sell them in order to buy back when the prices are low. With this practice, a stock advisor will suggest that the chances of heading the stock to lower prices are high. You should not ignore the best intraday stock trading pick.

Tactics to spot Low stock investment signals.

Fifth Tip

Many a times you must have noticed that the stock companies that are heavily shorted, announces a huge buyback. This might be very bullish and can be a trap against short sellers. So beware of such situations.

Tactics to spot Low stock investment signals.

The Last words:

Every action in the market has equal and opposite reaction. So whenever planning to catch the low stock investment signal never forget to do a strong research of the company, use the appropriate equity tips, rely on your studies and trends. This will help you to capture every small opportunity to make big profits in stock markets.

Tactics to spot Low stock investment signals.

Shariah stock Trading signal – Cautious start for stock markets on Thursday

KUALA LUMPUR: Key Asian markets including Bursa Malaysia exchanged lower on Thursday on stresses over higher dangers from the US while raw petroleum costs fell because of record US rough inventories. –  Shariah stock Trading signal

At 10am,t he KLCI was down 2.16 focuses or 0.12% to 1,742.51. Turnover was 1.23 billion shares esteemed at RM510.24mil. There were 344 gainers, 308 washouts and 3543 counters unaltered.

Stocks fell and bonds ascended in Asia on Thursday, with hazard craving soured by signs the Federal Reserve may begin paring its extra large asset report not long from now similarly as the odds of an early U.S. monetary boost blurred further, Reuters revealed.  –  Shariah stock Trading signal

Hong Leong Investment Bank (HLIB) Research brought up that with the switching tone on the Dow around the 20,700-20,800 levels, the securities exchanges were possibly valuing in the negative effect advancing from the Fed’s announcements.

“In the interim, ought to there be any further revision beneath 20,500, we anticipate that next support will be situated around 20,000,” it said.

Concerning Bursa, HLIB Research said negative slants from the abroad markets may overflow on to the nearby bourse and the KLCI could pull back over the close term.

“In the interim, exchanging center may even now situated inside the little top portions. By and by, benefit taking exercises could develop if the FBM Small Cap record drift towards the mental level of 18,000,” it prompted financial specialists.

On Wednesday, outside assets kept on being net purchasers on Bursa while neighborhood establishments were net dealers. Remote assets were net purchasers at a lower size of RM109.02mil while neighborhood retail financial specialists were net venders at RM52.45mil and nearby establishments at RM56.57mil.  –  Shariah stock Trading signal

Oil costs fell on Thursday as record US unrefined inventories underscored that business sectors remain bloated by high generation and overflowing stockpiling notwithstanding endeavors drove by OPEC to cut yield and prop up costs, Reuters announced.

Brent unrefined prospects, the universal benchmark for oil, were at $54.09 per barrel at 0124 GMT, down 27 pennies, or 0.5 percent, from their last close.

At Bursa, Tong Herr fell 15 sen to RM3.26, DKSH 12 sen bring down at RM4.58, Kawan Food 11 sen to RM4,52 while Heineken was down 10 sen to RM18.22. Taxi Cakaran lost six sen to RM2.41 and Petron five sen bring down at RM6.41.

Hang Seng Consolidated, the main KLCI part stock, lost six sen to RM9.01.

Bursa was the top gainer, up 19 sen to RM9.92, HLFG 18 sen to RM16.44, JHM 18 sen to RM4,34 while New Hoong Fatt added 13 sen to RM4.  –  Shariah stock Trading signal

Genting Plantations and Ann Joo added 12 sen to RM11.62 and RM2.68 and PPB Group eight sen higher at RM16.76.

Market Summary

Shariah stock Trading signal

Market Movers

Shariah stock Trading signal

Latest update for KLCI investors, who wants to make their trading profitable

2. SKH

Stock Signal – Bursa Malaysia slipped early Tuesday

KUALA LUMPUR: Bursa Malaysia slipped early Tuesday, in accordance with the wary provincial markets after the weaker overnight close on Wall Street, with heavyweight Genting Bhd, Yinson and Unisem among the greatest failures. – Stock Signal

At 9.50am (Stock Signal):

The KLCI was down 0.26 of an indicate or 0.01% 1,745.23. Turnover was 878.77 million shares esteemed at RM349.22mil. There were 329 gainers, 258 failures and 301 counters unaltered.

Hong Leong Investment Bank Research said the US market may exchange a mindful mode in front of few key occasions this week.

“We anticipate that the Dow will proceed with its sideways union stage between the 20,500 and 20,777 levels,” it said.

Be that as it may, on the nearby front, FBM KLCI could see a decent exchanging energy taking after a particular purchasing force on Monday, the examination house said.

“Likewise, exchanging spotlight may persevere on the more extensive market, particularly the innovation bring down liners inside the ACE market in the wake of purchasing premium was noted among semiconductor related stocks,” said HLIB Research.

Reuters detailed Asian share markets were down in restless early exchange on Tuesday as financial specialists held their breath in front of a possibly tense meeting between US President Donald Trump and his Chinese partner Xi Jinping not long from now.

The dollar crept lower as financial specialists sold stocks in Europe and on Wall Street overnight to look for asylum in places of refuge as political vulnerability eclipsed positive U.S. financial information and strong development in worldwide assembling.

MSCI’s broadest file of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan fell 0.2% in early exchange. Japan’s Nikkei was down 0.4% as financial specialists searched out the place of refuge yen. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India are shut for occasions.

Eco World International, which made its presentation on the Main Market on Monday, squeezed out a one sen pick up to RM1.29.

In any case (Stock Signal):

Financial specialists were seen pursuing up the warrants, as they rose 13 sen to 43.5 sen with 84.48 million units done. The warrants are up 43 sen from Monday.

Yinson fell 11 sen to RM3.12, Unisem eight sen bring down at RM3.10 while Latitude Tree lost seven sen to RM5.32.

Among the customer stocks, Nestle fell 20 sen to RM79.20 and BAT 11 sen bring down at RM46.

Among the KLCI stocks, KL Kepong fell 16 sen to RM24.54 with 100 shares done, Genting Bhd was down six sen to RM9.54.

Genting Plantations lost six sen to RM11.60, Pharmaniaga and CMSB five sen bring down at RM4.85 and RM4.25.

GHL Systems surged 34 sen to RM1.48 with 14.9 million shares done in the wake of getting the takeover offer a week ago. JHM hopped 24 sen to RM3.18 while MESB and Elsoft included 10 sen each t0 75 sen and RM2.15.

Petronas Dagangan added 30 sen to RM24.20, Bursa 18 sen to RM9.75, Eon Credit and Tong Her 12 sen each to RM16.14 and RM3.44.

Market Summary

Stock Signal

Latest hot stocks for KLSE investors

1. VIS



Latest share trading signal for Malaysian investors

KUALA LUMPUR: UEM Sunrise, IOI Properties, Edaran, Sasbadi and Salutica are among the organizations which could see some exchanging enthusiasm on Tuesday after the corporate declarations. – Share trading signal

It said among stocks to watch are UEM Sunrise (Share trading signal):

After its unit UEM Sunrise (Canada) Alderbridge Ltd (UEMS Alderbridge) reported it was offering three bundles of land in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, to 1107782 B.C Ltd, a unit of South Street Development Group for RM372.57mil. – Share trading signal

IOI Properties arrangements to begin take a shot at its office working at its recently procured site in Central Boulevard, Singapore before the year’s over. The assessed net advancement esteem is at any rate S$3.5bil (RM11bil).

Edaran packed away a RM20.6mil information office improvement contract from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

JF Apex Research said with respect to Sasbadi, it has inked two distributing bargains the Malaysian Examination Council. – Share trading signal

Under the distributing assentions:

The chamber will give a selective permit to Sasbadi to plan, print, and offer the accumulations of past year address papers for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination and Malaysian University English Test (MUET) and in addition the reports on STPM examination and MUET for the examination years of 2017, 2018 and 2019.

In the mean time:

Salutica has acquired the green light from the Securities Commission Malaysia to exchange the posting of its shares to the Main Market.

Overnight on Wall Street, US stocks shut off session lows Monday as merchants foreseen a loan fee climb on Wednesday. – Share trading signal

European markets shut higher on Monday as political instability commanded and dealers prepared for a feasible rate climb by the US Federal Reserve.

At Bursa Malaysia, the FBM KLCI increased 4.34 focuses to close at 1,721.92 on Monday

“We expect the neighborhood benchmark record to keep on consolidating underneath 1,730 on the back of potential rate climb in the US, sleeping raw petroleum costs and up and coming Dutch decision,” said JF Apex Research.

Appetite for stocks and the euro ebbed on Tuesday – Stock Trading Picks

Hunger for stocks and the euro ebbed on Tuesday as political and monetary vulnerability sent financial specialists shielding in the Japanese yen and gold, while desires China’s remote trade saves had fallen for a seventh month added to anxiety. (Stock Trading Picks)

MSCI’s broadest file of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was minimal changed in early exchange.(Stock Trading Picks)

Japan’s Nikkei dropped 0.6 percent as a more grounded yen discouraged stocks.

Financial specialists anticipated that China would state on Tuesday that its remote trade saves fell for the seventh straight month by about $10.5 billion to $3 trillion in January.

Be that as it may, some said stores may have really ascended because of more tightly controls on moving cash out of the nation, too the effect of a weaker dollar.(Stock Trading Picks)

By the by, as stores stay at around $3 trillion, concerns wait over the speed at which China has drained its assets to shield the money.

Overnight, both U.S. what’s more, European stocks dropped.

Money Street plunged as much as 0.2 percent, drove bring down by the vitality part as oil costs fell, with speculators as yet sitting tight for subtle elements of President Donald Trump’s financial approaches.

“The more Congress and the Trump organization dither on monetary jolt, the more outlandish in everybody’s estimation that it will happen,” said Aaron Kohli, a loan fee strategist at BMO Capital Markets in New York.

In Europe, decays took after the presidential battle dispatch of far-right National Front Leader Marine Le Pen on a stage vowing to flight globalization and remove France from the European Union.

French stocks <.FCHI> lost 1 percent, and yields on 10-year French government securities hit their largest amount since September 2015.

“In spite of the response in the French yields, surveys indicate Le Pen would complete runner up by a wide edge to either Independent Emmanuel Macron or Republican Francois Fillon,” James Woods, worldwide venture investigator at Rivkin Securities in Sydney, wrote in a note.

The euro <EUR=EBS> slipped 0.1 percent to $1.0738 at an early stage Tuesday. On Monday, it touched an almost one-week low before shutting down 0.3 percent.

The dollar was minimal changed at 111.765 yen <JPY=> on Tuesday, neglecting to recoup any of its 0.9 percent misfortune from Monday, as financial specialists took shelter in the place of refuge yen.

The dollar file <.DXY>, which tracks the greenback against an exchange weighted wicker bin of its associates, fared better, clutching an expansion of just about 0.1 percent from Monday at 99.907.

Oil costs crept higher from the get-go Tuesday in the wake of posting their greatest one-day misfortune since Jan. 18 on Monday, reflecting stresses that rising oil supply out of the United States would exceed OPEC yield checks.

U.S. unrefined <CLc1> increased around 0.35 percent to $53.20, subsequent to falling 1.5 percent on Monday.

Gold surrendered some of Monday’s solid picks up however floated near its three-month high hit on the day.

Spot gold <XAU=> slipped 0.1 percent to $1,234.01 an ounce, subsequent to surging 1.3 percent on Monday.- Reuters

Our recommendation for KLSE investors

  1. KSL



Financial advisory services in malaysia – Breakfast Briefing

Market Watch:

In a customary world, a US Federal Reserve meeting, employments information and a heavy number of profit reports one week from now ought to furnish financial specialists with welcome diversion from theory about the US President’s approach arranges. (Financial advisory services in malaysia)

Be that as it may – Financial advisory services in malaysia

the present world is not as much as customary and in the second week after his introduction as US president, the probability is that Donald Trump’s voice will even now ring louder in speculators’ ears than financial information and the expressions of Fed seat Janet Yellen. (Financial advisory services in malaysia)

Beat outside stories

BoJ to keep strategy consistent, look to alleviate decreasing apprehensions: The Bank of Japan is set to keep money related approach relentless on Tuesday and try to mollify theory of an early decreasing of its monstrous boost, as late security showcase turbulence puts under a magnifying glass its redid arrangement structure that means to control the yield bend. – Reuters

US tech pioneers sound caution over Trump migration arrange: The US innovation industry, a noteworthy boss of outside laborers, hit back at President Donald Trump’s sudden official request on movement, with a few pioneers calling it indecent and un-American.(Financial advisory services in malaysia)

Beat neighborhood stories

Hot tech part: The innovation division will see the most astounding bounce in pay rates in the nation this year, while the oil and gas (O&G) area, because of unstable oil costs, may see the slightest climb. The innovation division, particularly for specialty positions, may see a 30% compensation rise this year contrasted and 27% a year ago, a review Robert Walters, a pro expert enlistment firm, appears. – Reuters

GUH still bullish on printed-circuit board operations:

GUH Holdings Bhd expects its printed-circuit board business to enhance in the second 50% of 2017 contrasted with the initial six months of the year. Bunch overseeing chief Datuk Kenneth H’ng said this was in accordance with reaserach association GfK’s projection for the real local apparatuses advertise, which is relied upon to develop by around 4% to achieve US$193bil in 2017. 

Right planning for EPF to offer London properties?:

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF’s) turn to strip some of its key London properties has raised the question why the annuity didn’t not hold tight to those properties and offer them when Britain is in a more steady environment and its issues dealt with? 

SLP targets social insurance part to expand income:

SLP Resources Bhd is focusing on the human services segment to create around 8% to 10% of the gathering’s income in 2018, contrasted with 2.5% in 2017. 

Malaysia-China arrangement to lift nearby feathered creature’s home costs:

The current marking of an arrangement amongst Malaysia and China to ship crude eatable homes to China is relied upon to lift costs of winged animal’s homes, possibly by 15% to 20% from current levels relying upon the evaluations. 


Trading ideas – Share trading signals

KUALA LUMPUR: Tasco, Cypark, Tenaga Nasional and Sasbadi are among the stocks which could pull in exchanging enthusiasm on Wednesday after their corporate news and declarations, says JF Apex Research. (Share trading signals)

It said Tasco is purchasing six leasehold tracts of land in Selangor’s Pulau Indah and a 100% stake in icy stockpiling firm Mils Gold Chain Logistics Sdn Bhd to grow its ability.

Concerning Cypark, it secured a RM15.19mil contract for a strong waste transfer extend in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. (Share trading signals)

Tenaga’s 1QFY17 net benefit dropped 11.9% on-year to RM1.74bil because of the reinforcing of the US dollar against the ringgit.

JF Apex Research likewise said drug store chain Caring’s 2QFY17 net benefit bounced 44% on-year to RM2.76mil, for the most part because of higher deals.

It called attention to WZ Satu’s net benefit for Q1,

FY17 practically multiplied to RM8.5mil from RM4.44mil a year prior, in accordance with better execution of all its key backups.

In the interim, Sasbadi’s Q1, FY17 net benefit multiplied to RM4.33mil from RM2.03mil a year prior because of increment in income from its conveyance of apply autonomy sets and course readings to schools under the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Overnight on Wall Street, US markets surged, drove by material and foundation counters with the S&P500 hitting a record high after corporate income.(Share trading signals)

Prior, European stocks rose after enhanced monetary information in business and quarterly outcomes.

At Bursa Malaysia, the FBM KLCI surged 9.38 focuses to end at 1,680.69.

“Taking after the bullish execution in the US and Europe, the KLCI could broaden its surge towards the resistance of 1,700,” it said.

Today’s recommendation for KLSE investors

  1. SEB
  3. UMW
  4. EMICO


Today’s recommendation for SGX investors



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Investing Way – Breakfast briefing

MarketWrap: US stocks fell on Tuesday, with financials, transports and other enormous post-race gainers losing ground as income season jumpstarted. Likewise weighing on stocks were worries about protectionist exchange approaches arranged by US President-elect Donald Trump. – Investing Way

The worries pushed the dollar to its most minimal in over a month and security yields down as financial specialists cut hazard.

The DJIA finished down 58.96 focuses, or 0.3%, to 19,826.77, the S&P 500 lost 6.75 focuses, or 0.3%, to 2,267.89 and the Nasdaq dropped 35.39 focuses, or 0.63%, to 5,538.73.- Investing Way

Forex rundown – Investing Way

*The ringgit increased 0.37% to 4.4458 for every US$

*It was 0.17% higher at 4.7543 for every euro

*Down 1.45% to 5.4918 for every pound sterling

*Up 0.27% to 3.1334 for every Singapore dollar

*0.33% higher to 3.3534 for every Aussie

*0.82% higher at 3.9315 for every 100 yen – – Investing Way


Oil costs were minimal changed on Tuesday as a decrease in the US dollar and remarks by Saudi Arabia that it would cling to Opec’s dedication to cut yield. That balance conjectures that US and Russian makers would help rough yield in the not so distant future. Brent prospects lost 39 pennies, or 0.7% to settle at US$55.47 a barrel. – Investing Way

Best outside stories

Eatery network Chuck E. Cheddar gets ready IPO:

The parent of Chuck E. Cheddar has started arrangements for a first sale of stock (IPO) that could esteem the US eatery network at more than US$1 billion, including obligation, sources say. 

Capital controls push Chinese firms to unsafe, expensive dollar securities:

China’s endeavors to bolster its cash and cool its hot property market are empowering more Chinese organizations, including many state firms, to go for broke on additional cost and hazard by bringing outside money securities up in Hong Kong and other seaward areas. 

Deutsche Bank signs US$7.2b manage US over unsafe home loans:

Deutsche Bank finished a US$7.2 billion settlement with the US Department of Justice over its offer of poisonous home loan securities in the keep running up to the 2008 monetary emergency, the administration office said on Tuesday. 

Xi puts forth defense for Chinese initiative part:

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered an energetic barrier of unhindered commerce at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday in a discourse that underscored Beijing’s longing to assume a more noteworthy worldwide part as the United States turns internal. Xi additionally advised different nations against indiscriminately seeking after their national advantages, in an evident reference to the “America first” arrangements of Donald Trump.

Our recommendation for KLSE  investors

  3. SEAL
  5. KFM


Our recommendation for SGX  investors

  2. EZION


Investing Way

Best stock trading signals list in 2016 with breakfast briefing 2017

MarketWrap: US offers finished higher on Wednesday even after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s December meeting indicated worries that speedier monetary development under President-elect Donald Trump could require quicker loan cost increments to avert expansion.(stock trading signals)

The DJIA rose 0.3% to end at 19,942.16, the S&P 500 increased 0.57% to 2,270.75. the Nasdaq Composite added 0.88% to 5,477.01.

And the Nasdaq Composite added 0.88% to 5,477.01.

Forex synopsis (Stock trading signals)

*The ringgit increased 0.18% to 4.4895 for each US$

*It was 0.74% lower at 4.6771 for each euro

*Down 0.51% to 5.5442 for every pound sterling

*Down 0.49% to 3.1249 for every Singapore dollar

*0.26% lower to 3.2776 for every Aussie

*0.63% bring down at 3.8599 for each 100 yen


Oil costs climbed about 2% on Wednesday.

That the world’s top oil exporters will stick to concurred yield cuts that produced results this week.

Worldwide benchmark Brent unrefined fates rose 99 pennies.

Or 1.8%, to settle at US$56.46 a barrel. 

Beat outside stories

Wagers Country Club to clear a path for HSR extend:

The Raffles Country Club site in Tuas will be gained by the Government.

For the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur rapid rail (HSR).

And the new Cross Island Line’s western terminal.

The club said it will be required to hand over the 143 ha site to the Singapore Land Authority by July 31, 2018. 

Amazon, Forever 21 competing for bankrupt American Apparel:

Online retailer Inc and high schooler clothing store chain.

Forever 21 Inc are among the organizations.

Measuring offers to get bankrupt American Apparel LL.

Individuals acquainted with the discussions said on Wednesday. 

Macy’s, Kohl’s slice 2016 benefit conjectures refering to feeble occasion deals:

Department store chains Macy’s Inc and Kohl’s Corp.c

Cut their benefit estimates for the year on Wednesday.

After Christmas season deals for both retailers fell more than anticipated.

Pushing offers in the retail division down in developed exchanging.

These are the best Stocks list in 2016.  (Stock trading signals)

  2. GKENT
  3. MATRIX 
  4. IRIS  
  5. SUMATEC  
  6. FRONTKN  
  7. PERISAI  
  8. OCR-PA
  10. SAM
  11. MPI  
  12. AEONCR  
  13. GPACKET  
  14. NESTLE
  15. UMW

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